Tuesday, June 20, 2017

quilt national 17

Denise Roberts  'finding connections'
 Judy Kirpich, 'anxiety no. 10/ retirement
  Marina Kamenskaya 'squares #11:red, yellow, blue"
 An overview of the exhibition
Bonnie Bucknam 'zebra'
Kerri Green 'prometheus' 
 To show the quilts in relationship to each other
Lynne Lee  'from the east to the west' 

Lynne Lee  'from the east to the west'  side b

Sue Benner 'body parts 3: cuffed'
Cecile Trentini 'one year'
Edith Bieri-Hanselmann 'fury and despair'
 because the printed catalogue is not at all the same as being there
Julia Graziano 'frameworks iii'
Pat Pauly 'Normandy'
Barbara Kanaya  'chaos of thoughts'
 where you can experience the large scale of some of the works
Pamela Loewen 'butterfly garden'
Lynne Lee 'from east to west - side b'
Petra Fallaux 'formations #26'(a peek of reverse)
Nancy Crow 'Overconnected but finding a little space: seeking solitude #3'
Vivian Lombrozo ' building blocks'
Carol Larson ' 'defining moments 12: no means no'
Diane Nunez 'cinque terre

Further posts with images of  quilt national coming soon.
These images from the opening May weekend in Athens Ohio at the Dairy Barn.


  1. Amazing quilts! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thanks for showing us around !!!

  3. Thank you for sharing. It is interesting to see the quilts next to each other. Not as good as being there but I'll take it!

  4. Wow ! Amazing quilts ! SO much, all in one spot !

  5. This is amazing, thank you very much for sharing!

  6. These are amazing. I just love how "modern art" quilting has become! Rocks my boat. Thanks for sharing with us! xx


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