Sunday, June 11, 2017

island self

how wonderful are islands

vivid and pure

people are like islands,
self contained, whole and serene
respecting other people's solitude   (Gift from the Sea)
I am my self.
My self does not need a lot of interaction with others.
It needs its own self
It needs solitude and quiet
I am not anti social
I love to hold my grandchildren close and interact with them through creative imaginings
I love to watch and listen to my beautiful daughters, all 4 of them

It's easy to lose myself though,
and not give my SELF honour and respect
Studying  Agnes Martin, Luce Irigaray, and Pema Chodron has made me more OK

I am me
I am intelligent
I am sensitive

I take care of myself by making art
I take care of myself by stitching
in and out
soft caress
in and out
be still

that's all there  is
all there is
patience, patience, patience is what the sea teaches.

patience and faith

one should lie empty, open as a beach, waiting for a gift from the sea

women give and give and give

everyone, especially women, should be alone for some part of each week - each day

the most important times in one's life are when one is alone
we need solitude in order to find the true essence of ourselves

our state of grace

our inner stillness

(these thoughts from gift from the sea)
time is a feminist issue

and time alone brings us close to spirituality
I am using my usual techniques
reverse applique
eyelet stitch,
back stitch
french knots
repeating favourite stitches

over and over

I use a lot of repeated marks

I learned this from my mother (nature)
this post is the second in the series Sunday photos


  1. Being solitary IS sublime! xx

  2. love the quiet light and deep space in your work

  3. Such beautiful inspirational words, they strike a chord within me. I love the calmness of your hand work, your surroundings.
    Thank you. I need quiet, alone time in order to live well - sometimes it is very difficult to find this time.

  4. Bare Tree

    Already I have shed the leaves of youth,
    stripped by the wind of time down to the truth
    of winter branches. Linear and alone
    I stand, a lens for lives beyond my own,
    a frame through which another’s fire may glow,
    a harp on which another’s passion, blow.

    The pattern of my boughs, an open chart
    spread on the sky, to others may impart
    its leafless mysteries that I once prized,
    before bare roots and branches equalized,
    tendrils that tap the rain or twigs the sun
    are all the same, shadow and substance one.
    Now that my vulnerable leaves are cast aside,
    there’s nothing left to shield, nothing to hide.

    Blow through me, Life, pared down at last to bone,
    so fragile and so fearless have I grown!

    Anne Morrow Lindbergh
    from The Unicorn and Other Poems

  5. i too treasure my alone time, it gives me the chance to listen and to see, love your work

  6. I've been looking deeply into my tendency toward aloneness. I have a hard time being honest without it.
    It is amazing how repetition is not really about sameness. How it vibrates outward into new form.

  7. Time is a feminist issue - amen! I grow older and still find myself giving time, that is - unthinkingly giving - without considering whether I might myself benefit from time directed to my own needs.

    Thank you also for the image of 'lying open as a beach....'

  8. Beautiful work, thoughtful and inspiring words. I need lots of solitude.

  9. Solitude is a gift I give myself every day..all seasons I open a window to hear the early day sounds of birds and winds and writing and creative time, my deepest soul-felt places are nourished when I do so. "A Gift From the Sea"...have read and re-read since forever...when I was a young woman..definitely time for another read. You work reflects so much of the peace about which you write..a most wonderful post today.

  10. You have given us a place to be....with wise words and stitching, I am grateful for your post today. There is peace and love here which I needed!

  11. I love this whole post, every word resonates with me! Thank you, love your stitching.

  12. Beautifully said & shown. More and more it's true, with aging I feel I am magnifying inwards.

  13. So beautifully inspiring, words that make me breath more deeply and get in touch with my inner self. Thank you.

  14. Like always, Judy : would want to TOUCH it !!!! :-)

  15. I've just had a lovely catch-up read of your last few posts. It is always a privilege to see your quilts Judy, but to read...and then reread... your words, is SUCH a generous & wonderful gift that you give us. Your blogs continue to be a source of meditation & contemplation for me. Thank you so very much for continuing to share yourself with us.

  16. Judy,
    I truly appreciate the tactile wholeness of the circles. No beginning, no ending. Just hovering with soft energy within.

  17. Valerie Hearder8:42 am

    As ever, thank you dear friend for your words, support and for being as constant as the sea. xxx

  18. Lovely work. lovely words. thank you

  19. I miss the various islands I have lived on, and the sea. Beautiful work and words and good people to study!


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