Monday, June 26, 2017

opening the door

 Trinity came back from exhibition in Vancouver and I was able to touch it again.
(now when i don't know what to do next

taking space between thoughts


looking at the sky a lot )
I needed to re-place the velcro strip
and re-mount the textile on it's supporting board,
and then return it to the local church's pulpit.
(just being present

and having self confidence

even while not knowing)

In the book, MY RELIGION, Leo Tolstoy implies that whatever happens in a violent revolution, there will also be an inner and hidden revolution in the people, out of which a new religion will be born which  will have the same effect of making life possible as the Christian religion used to.

We shall have had enough of cynicism, scepticism and humbug, and will want to live more musically.  How will this come about, and what will we discover?  

Instead of seeing absolutely nothing in the future other than the disasters that are bound to strike the modern world and civilization like so many thunderbolts, through revolution or war or the bankruptcy of worm eaten states. 

 Vincent Van Gogh letter to his brother Theo September 24 1888
(being kind to myself

becoming kinder to others

opening that door more and more

seeing what happens when I don't protect myself so much )

judy evelyn grandmom


  1. stitching light, love, and hope into the world

  2. You have given me so much to think about today. Thank you Judy.

  3. the circle, the whirl of hair and twirl of a little girl...all three, of a kind of holy spirit

  4. Always a thank you. 'Humble and kind'...( - lyrics by Lori McKenna)

  5. i love the thinness of all the cloth here.

  6. curley que/cue absolutely precious. amazing how we find design in countless ways.

  7. brave woman, real woman.
    also, the spiral.


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