Saturday, April 01, 2017

le homecoming

a doe by Jenna Dawn MacLellan
Ned and I attended the opening of Le Homecoming at la galerie Du Nouvel Ontario in Sudbury on March 17.
a fragile deer at the Galerie du Nouvel Ontario in Sudbury - made by jenna dawn maclellan
I was pleased to meet the artist, jenna dawn maclellan.  Although Jenna exhibited and taught a workshop at the Thunder Bay Art Gallery at the very same time as the Mended World exhibit in 2013 we did not meet then.
A mosquito net made with gold thread by Jenna Dawn MacLellan
Jenna also told me that she knew daughter April from when they were both at Concordia University in Montreal.
A protective Mosquito suit made by Jenna Dawn MacLellan for her exhibition Le Homecoming
 Now she teaches art in an Ontario community not far from here.
Wood Pile made from cloth by Jenna Dawn MacLellan
Her show was very loose and playful - and gives permission to those of us who have ideas and just want to make things that we imagine and remember.
fire wood made from cloth printed and sewn by Jenna Dawn MacLellan
"as familiar as they are fantastic"
"being transposed into textile gives an air of storied marvelousness to their otherwise ordinary nature."
The Mosquito suit at Le Homecoming at the GNO in Sudbury Ontario until May 5 2017
"This is how objects found in Northern Otario sheds are transformed into icons of northerness"
(from the GNO's text  - read the full text and see more images here.

also here is a video with the artist


  1. Oh, the bear! Poignant and fresh. Thank you for the peek.

  2. Wonderful sense of humor.

  3. such a wonderful sense of whimsy

  4. How compelling the doe is! How visually intriguing!

  5. Intriguing...because there's an apiary not far from me here...and at least 2 more in the area...and my neighbour stacks his logs just outside my back stoop...People still harvest honey, still stack logs...


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