Saturday, March 04, 2017


 I recently labeled and re-sleeved and folded and parceled The River Beneath off for exhibition.
 It's a very thin quilt, made heavy with thread and touch.
The backing cloth is printed rayon yardage enlivened with a silk scarf purchased from Fibre Arts Newfoundland when I taught there in 2015.
the river beneath 2016 quilt back Judy Martin  rayon and silk, cotton thread  88 x 84 inches

Ordinary stuff. 


  1. Thanks for the close up, I can just about fel the cloth, love and care stitches in.

  2. Judy, looking at all your work also the 100 quilts i am flabbergasted! instead of commenting on all your posts i say it here


    CAn i use one of your pictures to write a bout us ragmates on my blog?
    my blog is linked to facebook too
    so i can imagine if you say no


  3. As Tina said, it almost seems that I can reach out and touch the stitching and cloth. Simply beautiful.

  4. EXTRA EXTRA-Ordinary Judy.
    I have to share this post on my FB page to show how an artist of the first order works in the world. After posting some few news things this morning, I made a vow to post no politics for the rest of the weekend and this will be my second offering since.

  5. Judy...this is extraordinary in many ways. May I ask what you used for batting? Love it!

  6. All those stitches, the piecing, the silky backing--all make for a stunningly beautiful and touching quilt. I'm sure it will be greatly appreciated at the exhibition.

  7. the batting is a thin cotton gauze fabric - called harem cloth. I get it from dharma trading. the thread is #5 perle cotton in wide variety of colours - I used up what was in my basket as it came to the top - and stitched with a big needle.

    The rhythmic in and out of the needle went quite quickly and becaue of all the colour involved, was very healing and made me happy.

    Thanks for your supportive comments.

  8. Amazing - the stitches, color, structure, layout ... everything!

  9. just bangin them out!!


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