Sunday, October 30, 2016

storing April's art work

moon 2010  by April Martin plasma cut steel 

This post will tell a little news about two of our grown children, Grace and April.  
Grace moved to Ottawa in September and has a really sweet apartment on a tree lined street.
above three images, details of  Body Builders - digital embroidery on artist canvas  April Martin

April is still living in the States but has a storage unit in Montreal.  It was full of her art and she needed help cleaning it out, so Ned and Grace and I met up with her in Montreal last week.
Soft Tongue - tambour work cotton jersey 2013 April Martin

Some of April's artwork ended up at Grace's place while other pieces (not shown) came home with us.
these two details of Smell multi-colour wood block print inspired by the Lady and the Unicorn tapestries that illustrate the  six senses, sight, taste, smell, hearing, touch and desire 2014 April Martin

These pieces are from April's Concordia days and are evidence of just a few of the many techniques she learned during her BFA there.
Ned installs April's moon in Grace's apartment
 Grace has some of my artwork in her apartment too.  (full view of quilt shown below here)
moisture and greeness  2006  Judy Martin
Then we visited Jay and Erika in Toronto for a few days.  They have news too - a second child coming early 2017!
Sparkles checking out her tail 
All in all, Ned and I had a full week with our kids and one grand child, Sparkles the baby dragon,
 We are missing Halloween adventures with Wolf Knight and Thor because they are now back in Alaska .  (p.s.  Oona and Matt have news too.  Puppy!)


  1. How lovely.....wonderful family.....wonderful art.

  2. What talented children you have! It must be a delight to share the artists' mind together. CUTE photo of your grandson, the dragon.

  3. a beautiful dark moon!

  4. I loved our visit and I love all the family art in my apartment!

  5. What a loving and supportive family you and Ned have raised, Judy... you are beyond blessed and it shows! The example you and Ned have set for the young adults now moving through their own lives will carry them well into their elder lives, and what a treasured gift you have given each - the love of ART! Beautiful examples of the girls work, and betcha Grampa Ned is as proud of the small ones as you are.


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