Saturday, June 25, 2016

My view

When we first moved to Manitoulin in 1993, I was astonished by how much the water and sky would change in colour, faster than I could paint it and photographs did not do it justice.  I began to make quick sketches into my journal just to name the colours that nature used to paint with through the seasons.  Over the years, I described this enthralling Eastern view of Manitowaning Bay at least a hundred times with my ball point pen into the pages of my journal, responding to the unpredictable gorgeous colours that changed by the hour.
In direct response to my view of Manitowaning Bay, I have made several large stitched textiles.
This one is an immense lightweight square that responds to the slightest breeze.  Monumental Simplicity was made in 2012 from plant dyed wool gauze and hand stitch 108” x 108”
These photos are from 2012.  We took them at dawn at the top of the ridge near where we live.  The photo above is of me sewing the textile to the cord that would then be propped up with wooden poles.  I look back on that experience with Ned as one of our good moments in a long marriage.
I love this view.  I love looking at it still.
It puts me into a reverie no matter what the colours.
This view of sky, water and that strong horizontal line of the Wikwemikong peninsula that devides them has been a constant in my daily life and as I get older, the more I find myself returning to the simplicity of this natural occurance that I live and breathe with.


  1. what a beautiful reflection on your spirit of place

  2. Hi Judy...thinking of you and hoping you are feeling stronger and more comfortable each day. Blessings.

  3. un post molto suggestivo complimenti

  4. oh, the light, so beautiful, as is your piece

    the same happens over here, one of the many reasons i love living by a river and being surrounded by different surfaces of water, the light and the reflections are a constant source of joy and inspiration

  5. how tender, these photographs....and the translucence gave me an answer i was
    not even knowing i was looking for.....

    I love so much the one of you on your knees...that old Eric Clapton song..Hey Love
    Cloth can bring us there

  6. love your surroundings !
    (and your work in it) ;-)

  7. A good moment, indeed. A good moment to hold onto.

  8. You are so inspirational! Love your sharing.

  9. wow... I keep thinking how amazing your work is, and how inspirational you are... such a treasure.. xx

  10. What a treasure is the inspiration of a place deeply known yet always fresh...your cloth and the stitches you make and the photos that capture them integrate the fleeting beauty you witness into time

  11. Thank you dear ones for saying that you find inspiration here. We have to always be on the look out for it, ready to accept when we are inspired. xo

    And Dana, thank you for your word 'fresh'.

    simplicity, freshness, time

    That's what my work with this view is about. xo

  12. Hi Judy, that's really a stunning view and beautiful textiles. I really like these large stitches and can see where a share of your inspiration comes from.

  13. Anonymous3:55 pm

    Good post.


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