Thursday, June 30, 2016


Joyful passion that extols female sexual pleasure and the maternal.
The tremendous strength of the female spirit.
This time last year, I was in England, and visited Levens Hall and saw these joyful trees.

circles, domes, eggs, spheres,
boxes, biomorphic shapes, body like materials,
fragmentary, non-linear
are abstractions that represent the female

Lucy Lippard said this in the 70's


  1. Last year was a very big one (for me too). I recall (then) wondering more about how you spent your time there……nice to have time to reflect….forced or otherwise ;-)

  2. I knew straight away this was Levens as we have been several time and our caravan is five minutes away.
    Hard to believe where the time goes, it's nearly a year since my 60th. Can somebody stop the clock for a bit please
    Lynn x

  3. topiary is one of those quirky ways gardeners impose form & fantasy on trees and shrubs, done with great care and love it is quite sculptural in many ways however I don't connect with this formal restriction of Mother Nature relating to the feminine, I work as a gardener and try to keep a sense of wildness by loosening up hedges and prefer to enhance the natural order of each plant with a little bit of directional pruning for balance.
    PS I love formal mazes, labyrinths & knot gardens but do not enjoy the restrictive process involved in maintaining them

  4. Lovely photos. Living sculptures.


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