Wednesday, May 04, 2016

when I was young

I knew I loved to work with needle and thread from a very early age.  I loved it.  My first memories of stitching include embroidering commercially stamped pillow cases, making my own clothes, and making Barbie clothes that I sold.  I would do those things forever.  I wanted to.  I felt right when I was stitching.
I made my family stitched gifts, a pillow for my older brother, a night dress for my mother.  When I gave my little sister a knitted skirt for Christmas one year, she cried so I bought her something else instead.  I made my husband’s wedding suit and he wore it.
When I was young I also realized that I had a talent to draw and paint and so I entered poster contests in elementary school.  I remember painting a bear for one of those.  I was asked to design the cover for the regional music festival and drew a portrait of Beethoven.  In high school I was allowed to use the art room at lunch hour and was provided with oil paint and canvas boards.  The teachers bought my paintings.  I wanted to go to art school after high school, but went to Teacher’s college instead.  I was 19, and that was the last year that you could enter teacher's college without a university degree. Also, it was free.  I met Ned during that year, taught school two years, and then married him.
I've used my paintings (our four children gave me such a beautiful and meaningful subject) to explain to others how I came to think of my quilting as art.  Painting made me realize that I could communicate what it was like to be me.
" I am here.  I was here.  I made this.  I am alive."
When I was mothering those children my art was about that experience.  I loved being a mother.  I loved watching my children in sunlight.  I learned from them how to have fun. I painted that .
But my SELF, my true self,  is with a needle and thread in my hand.  

I make paintings (art) with my sewing.  I have not stopped.

"I am here. I live here. I have relationships. I observe and dream and think."

Images are of some preparations for the Perivale gallery season which begins May 22.


  1. love the back story framing your art

  2. questo post è proprio bello in poche parole una vita e una grande passione
    belli i tuoi lavori mi emozionano sempre ciao silvana

  3. Denise5:30 pm

    What a beautiful story you tell.

  4. What a lovely post!! And great insight into how 'you' became 'you'!

  5. You discovered early and kept going, expanding and perfecting an just going.
    What good fortune.....You just threaded the facts like a little sampler here, and it's charming.

  6. Thank you so much for your story Judy, it so similar to my own.
    From the bottom of my heart i can say.......your words....

    But my SELF, my true self, is with a needle and thread in my hand.


  7. I enjoyed this very much. We have a lot in common.

  8. What a lovely story from your heart and soul. Thank for sharing and inspiring those of us who appreciate you.

  9. wonderful story of you... and so very inspiring.. your cloth paintings.. which I adore...

  10. this is so authentic and beautiful

  11. Love it. You do seem to be at home with needle and thread!

  12. I feel just the same as you about my art, my paintings and my needle pieces. And I am disappointed that others do not understand that I do not paint anymore because I have found my language, a technique that I love. Why does it happen specially with fiber art and not with others?


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