Wednesday, May 11, 2016

stitching myself into a dotted line

Andy Goldsworthy said  "whenever possible, I make a work every day.  Each work joins the next in a line that defines the passage of my life, marking and accounting for my time and creating a momentum which gives me a strong sense of anticipation for the future."  
I try to do my best work every day.
I divide myself up yet keep myself together with my work.  At the same time.
My daily walk helps me manage this as I stitch myself to place, yes,
but also stitch myself together with each step.
I walk a line.  It represents time.
I sew a path measured by my own stride.
Each day, each dot, is important because it's another day that I've kept myself together, able to carry on with all my scattered-ness.

That walk gives me a container to wrap my self up in.
providence bay manitoulin island mother's day weekend
The future waits for me on a path not yet marked with my daily dot.


  1. Glad to see you kept working on that 'horse' piece. You weren't sure about it originally.

  2. i feel walking daily is essential to happiness. do i always do it? no. but the steps, each day, often on the same route, connect me to this earth. my footprints are embedded on the path, 30 years of them.

  3. Anonymous6:04 am

    the ponies are adorable

  4. Velma, I think of my walk as sewing my self to place. As you say, embedded and connected to the earth.

    The idea of each walk being a dot that contains me and is connected to the next one (and the last one) is a variation that extends the idea of physical place to emotional place.

    Thanks always for your comments - everyone.

  5. stitching is such a precise and considered way to make a mark and yet so forgiving

  6. Thanks for the Andy Goldworthy quote. I agree.

  7. I have come back a few times to read this and your last post. Thanks so much, Judy.
    When things get busy and I feel very scattered, I miss stitching and walking in similar ways. So, this is lovely.


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