Wednesday, February 17, 2016

time is the mother

most of November
My work is about time passing.  When I painted my four children I was really painting time.  Their time as youth. My time as a parent.  The daily sunlight. 

My journals record time.  The stitched journal 'Not To Know But To Go On' made time visible.

I am now considering returning to the millennium journal pieces I made fifteen years ago.  In 2007 I put the project away with twenty two panels left to stitch and am now thinking of completing them. Instead of separate wall hangings, I think that I will stitching all those months together.  The work would be an environment more than an installation.  It would be too large for a gallery - unless hung from the ceiling, allowed to drape, or be folded up.  myself.
Personal Language
Each panel also has a single meaningful word from each day couched onto the reverse side. Although this text is from my real life, there is not enough to tell a story and hopefully this mystery would encourage personal memories or stories.

Why complete this project now?     
It demonstrates my sustained interest in our the two sides - the inner interesting side as well as the more obvious outer side.  It also demonstrates my fascination with how fast time passes and my use of time as a material.

Is that enough?                            reflecting.


  1. Judy~ perhaps they could be 'tented'. hung from a ceiling like a tent roof. to look up and see time as it happened, that is now in the stars.

  2. revealing the layers of Time...

  3. I really love the idea of the work being an environment that can't be seen all at once that you have to spend time in to absorb it, that stays in the viewer's memory rather than glanced at and forgotten.

  4. Carrie, your comment has stayed with me. I love the idea of the work being like a place one would visit, walk through, and not be able to really see it all, but that it would remain with the viewer for a long time because of the body's movement through it. That's how we 'know' things isn't it. We live with them.


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