Saturday, February 13, 2016

experience far away places, keep breathing

I love that I can pick up and practice my art where ever.
In fact, one of the reasons I took up stitching is its mobility,
it fits into the many interruptions in a creative woman's life
Being able to fold up my works in progress into suitcases makes me feel lucky.
I love doing my art.
It's not only a daily practice for me, it's a life practice.
It's my breath.
I am able to change where I wake up in the morning, yet still have my studio near.
I am lucky.
I found some time to stitch this afternoon
and the entire morning was spent with Aili.


  1. Yes, we are fortunate that we can "take the studio anywhere." I adore the piece you're working on. That little tyke is very cute too!

  2. Oh, dear child. And stitching during naps, I'm guessing.

  3. This is lovely cloth. Is the word *privilege* included? Your stitches are like breathing.

  4. Privileged. Not only am I lucky, I am privileged in many ways. You are right.

    One of the inspirations for writing this post was a realization that stitching does not require a lot of money to do. It's like walking - an art form for everyone and I wanted to write about that idea.

    I've been reading about Richard Long's art practice. He walked in lines and circles, his own foot prints would leave marks on the land (which would be erased eventually by time). He did this in many isolated, banal areas around the globe, and I was inspired by how he was able to make his work without a lot of equipment or materials. I saw a connection between his work and my own. But you are right Martha. It was air travel made his work possible, and the cost of that makes it not available to everyone.

    People tell me that I need to relax more - I would work all the time if I could. x

  5. an image that has sustained me for half a lifetime is from a book called "Africa Adorned", the photograph is of a nomadic tribesperson sqauatting at an open campfire soldering the chain for a necklace with a few simple tools, humans can indeed work anywhere with what is at hand with vision and heart.
    as an aside I was thinking about my long held dream of one day living on a houseboat traveling very slowly up river and back again... in other words I want to be a boat person. A contentious issue when millionns of people are desperately drifting around the world in leaky boats looking for a place to land and start a new life...
    so yes there is the privilege of having a place in the world...

  6. Portability: yes. Family: yes. Making time for art making and family? Yes, yes, yes. As for working all the time, I would, too . . . if it weren't for family.

  7. I have always loved circles, tho' they do not appear in my work ... just when I am doodling.
    This pieces of yours speak to me. Lovely work ;)

  8. I'm a new reader and I found my way here through Pinterest. Your art whispers to me and I feel lifted to have had you placed in my path. I stitch. I try to stitch every day. I have partially completed a small quilt for my younger daughter out of her daddy's clothes and her grandpa's ties. With each project I find more and more peace drawing thread through time and I am grateful to see that it isn't "just me" finding peace and art in this way.


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