Tuesday, February 17, 2015

the body is emotional

 gathering myself   detail   hand embroidery on vintage bed linen (pillow case) 2009
 This week I've been revisiting this embroidery from 2009.    (complete view here)
It expresses the feelings I receive when I am wrapped in my favourite garments and also when I perform the action of wrapping.  I love to wrap bundles of branches.  (here ,  here)
I have three vintage monogrammed pillow cases.  I washed a second one, traced and transferred an outline.

I started this wrapping and bundling when my mother died seven years ago.  I continue to find that the process of wrapping is healing.  Gently manipulating cloth into tidy bundles gives me a sense of inner happiness.
encircling, embracing, warmth,
feeling my way,
imperfectly perfect,
emotional therapy,
self nourishment
I get an in-explainable feeling of safety from the repetitive action of wrapping.
The human body is a subject of great importance.
It is ourselves. 
I should hardly dwell on it.
It is so obvious.

Kenneth Clark


  1. Gathering Myself is exquisite. And the Kenneth Clark quote makes me chuckle. I agree: wrapping is like a playground for my spirit. Have offered items and hints to Nancy to see if she wanted to wrap (think Judith Scott), but so far, she's only interested in making marks and arranging and re-arranging her babies on her bed. Something she can now do given that she's in a new smaller private residence with caring housemoms and has a room of her own for the first time in I don't know how long.

  2. quest'opera m affascina
    avvolgere un tema affascinante

  3. I journeyed through your "wrapping" posts, which are simply wonderful and so calming ... this has solidified some ideas I had about wrapping windfall lichens and dead stems from our wildflowers. Thank you.

  4. This red stitched "gathered" body looks so lovingly holding oneself !
    The new one with the words might be even more intimate ...

  5. funny you brought this up. a year ago when i was in australia, a lovely student brought me a present. it was a bundle, wrapped, in pale turquoise silk. it's a big fist-full of wrapping, bundling, a wonderful gift i treasure.

  6. Anonymous8:11 pm

    I'm thinking of swaddling, the comfort that gives babies, security- of holding & being held. Sometimes, when I'm stressed, I can be found wrapping yarn, string, strips of paper…around my fingers.
    Beautiful red stitching.

  7. swaddling, yes. I am thinking about that too.

  8. Im with Handstories,swaddling a baby was the first thing I thought of while reading your post.
    I remember an old midwife showing me how to do it,and the tenderness that came over her when she did it.

  9. isn't it funny I love wrapping thread and sticles stones and feathers but when I look at this image it makes me think of straight jacket & I can't imagine liking being swaddled as a baby... I love being naked and free!

  10. oops typo above, "sticles" is meant to be sticks!

  11. the drawing along is gorgeous, the work is amazing...


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