Friday, February 13, 2015

looking at the sky

 Looking at the Sky  silk, indigo dye, stitch resist 2010  Judith e Martin
I was going to write about teaching today, but not yet.  Maybe tomorrow.
Today, I just want to think about repetition of mark
about memory and day dream
about birds murmuring
about stars up so high
about connecting outer with inner through these things
and through touch


  1. I love the way your work touches me deep inside where there are no words

  2. Joan Richardson, one of my tutors in the degree course asked me why I stitched and dyed...both things so very important in this piece.

    Then she answered her own question.

    "Because you are talking about the ongoing tracery of your life. The time that you spend doing the physical stitch, then the dipping, the waiting and then the un-stitching - its all an indication of time. Time moving.

    In 2010 when I made this, I thought it would just be part of another piece. But now, today, I realize that it is finished as it is. It is complete.

    A piece about memory on many levels.

  3. thank you for this meditation.

  4. Love 'Sky' ... and thank you for 'murmuring' ... simply amazing!!! I haven't seen anything like that before ! Makes one feel so small in the grand scheme of things ;)


Thank you for taking the time to connect. Much appreciated.xx