Thursday, January 29, 2015

early work

I painted the children being alive in their bodies.

I used primary colours
empty space
sunlight and cast shadow
you can't think everything


Valerianna said...

Beautiful.. I especially love the last one. And isn't it amazing that there are often seeds of one's later work in the very early stuff? I see your interest in lines in all of these.

Wendy Watson said...

Lovely . . . or perhaps you can over-think things.

I can smell the water on the dry grass, the sea and sand . . . actually I can smell those things right here at the moment.

Margaret said...

So beautiful. I have not yet begun to see that well.

Ms. said...

Alive! So alive.

apiecefullife said...


Judy Martin said...

I was in my mid-thirties when I painted these.

This post they are of my boy and his neighbour friend.

Liz Ackert said...

These are so perfect, as are the young lives they depict. I especially love that the shadow in the last image anticipates the long, lean young man that this sweet little one will become.

Judy Martin said...

what is not necessary to the picture is not there

a kind of minimalism

I thank Matisse for showing me this

B. Garner said...

Like your journals now being tucked away for the generations that follow, these are treasure. You are blessed, Judy. Thank you for sharing.

Caterina Giglio said...

well you know I think it is so important for us to look back and see where we have been so we know where we are going... the enthusiasm in this is what I feel... blissed out joy...

Judy Martin said...

That must be what I am doing in 2015. So much reflecting going on.
I made photo albums for the children for Christmas - am working on one of my dad's life when I visit him.
All my journals being re-read and wrapped up.
These early paintings.
The archives of my career - I'm sorting those.

It's all one big art piece in some way, and I'm not going to question it too much.

I want to make honest art about the experience of being a mature female who has raised a big family. Because someone needs to.

And there is no where else where I can lay it all out.

Thanks for all comments.


Heather Hutchinson said...

Yes, beautiful.

Nancy said...

Yes, they are quite alive! Such treasures.

Uli Day said...

Oh my gosh, love these paintings, so delightful and lively!