Monday, January 26, 2015

beginning with time: night

I finished the wool stitching I've been working on.  Today I took it into Sudbury for professional photography, left it with him over night.   'Treat it like a sculpture in space',  I said.  'Make it look as good as you possibly can'.

In this post I'm showing my own photos of the work in progress.  This is the reverse side of the Wild Pure exhibition piece. (other side shown here The charcoal wool blanket in the main area is an old camp blanket from the family.  It, and the brown blanket section on the bottom were both over-dyed with blackberry vine and iron.  
now feeling a little lonely,
when it was with me, I knew what to do.

a morning and an afternoon and
night's queer knuckled hand
hold me separate and whole
stitching tight my daily soul 
Mary Swann

from Swann by Carol Shields 


  1. Hi Judy, this has an amazing presence, and feeling of time as well, the wool ground gives it .. well, a groundedness. Really look forward to seeing it in its entirety, both sides. After spending such a long time with it I'm not surprised you feel a bit aimless. I wonder what you'll do next :-)

  2. The Swann poem is from one of my old journals. I've quoted this poem before and used it to help me with the title for Hold Me, a rayon quilt I made in 1992.

    Thinking about that older quilt I realize just now that the colours are really similar to this night side.

    This reassures me for some reason.

  3. Hi judy,
    This quilt has been a physical part of you fro a solid chunk of time, no wonder you feel a little lost. Must be akin to having the last chick leave the nest ;)
    I don't like green, but over the last few years this limey green colour has crept into my house.
    I love it when I see it in your quilt !
    My little stash of this colour may make it's presence known in my own work one day.
    I would love to feel and hold this quilt of yours one day.

  4. Sharron, I am so enthralled with these moss greens that I am raring to start another piece in similar colour.

    Maybe because it is winter that i crave the vivid heart of new leaf green.

  5. I've followed your blog, and am always touched by how pure your art is. In seeing this latest piece I really understand your comparison to Yayoi Kusama, Cy Twombly and Gunther Uecker you made in your last post. Creating something with our hands, deciding where the marks go, whether it's on paper, fabric or canvas, is such a personal way of connecting with others.

  6. Curator of the wild pure aesthetic wonder exhibition wrote a blog post about the show yesterday.

    Her post highlights the work of another artist. Here's a link that you'll have to copy and paste ...

  7. Thanks for the link to Gloria's article. What a powerful show this will be.

  8. This show will undoubtedly be amazing. I read the article about the birds, how interesting and painstaking to create the art for this show.

    Judy, did I miss the name of your lovely quilt. I continue to come and look at this piece, it really speaks to me on so many levels, especially the pictures in the snow.

    Thanks for sharing

  9. I am calling this two sided stitching 'Beginning with time'.

    the greenish side is entitled Beginning with time: day. The blackish side is entitled Beginning with time: night.

    I think that the white and light grey wool french knots on the black brocade velvet sleeve look like stars. They are my favourite part of the night side.

  10. Thank you, it is amazing. I am so in love with this piece of work and I have always loved the idea of a two sided quilt. I have one drawn up in my journal ready to go when I finish the qult I am working on

  11. stunning... it is simply stunning..

  12. Beautiful. All your powers gather together now. The future blooms through all the work of the past. Your sharing is gift.


  13. Anonymous12:25 pm

    Beautiful post. I know how we become attached to our stitches. But there are always stitch seedlings to tend.


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