Monday, December 01, 2014

cross and plus

yellow-blue 9 patch 4 by Eleanor McCain  2003  52"x52"
A second post about the cross symbol.  Some prefer to call it the plus sign....that's kinda nice.

Eleanor McCain's work (above) with this shape is nearly iconic.  See more beautiful quilts using the cross on her website.
 A Galla Placidia by simon hantai oil and wax on linen  130" x 167" 1958-59
Simon Hantai (1933-2008) was given a retrospective in 2013 in the Centre Pompidou.  Renowned for folding the canvases before painting them, his shibori-like practice had stunning results.  If you have time, the video of the installation is worthwhile.  Here.

I saw these two paintings by Simon Hantai in 2009 when we were in Paris.  So moved, I wrote about both my journal, and as I look at them again now, I am still inspired.  He worked on the pink one in the mornings, and the darker one in the afternoons every day for one year.  (this detail found here)  
Ecriture Rose, coloured ink and gold leaf on linen, 130 x 167 inches by Simon Hantai 1958-59
Both were created early in his career (he was 35) and I like them because they are covered with small marks, revealed when one steps closer.  Another video that shows close ups of Ecriture Rose is here.
ecriture rose by simon hantai ink and gold leaf on linen 1958
Simon Hantai withdrew from the art world in 1983 at the age of 60 because he didn't like the market-driven aspect of it.  He continued to paint however - just didn't exhibit for 15 years.  This detail about his career is very moving for me and is written about in this hyperallergic article.
cross blanket by pia wallen 
Lastly for this post, Swedish designer Pia Wallen's blankets are currently inspiring (other) modern quilters too.  Example here.


  1. Still more to think about. Thank you!

  2. what a beautiful painter and interesting thoughts about mark making and the process of concealing and revealing over time in an artist's long life

  3. Simon Hantai's Ecriture Rose is gorgeous. His withdrawal from the art world is thought provoking. Thank you!

  4. that pink is appealing, feminine but strong--and i think we all need to "withdraw" once in awhile to do our work for our Selves, our crosses to bear ;)

  5. Anonymous5:20 pm

    You may see an Hantai painting exhibited right now in NY. Here is a link

  6. Thank you for that link.

    I also liked the title and concept of the exhibition. disconnected.

    The idea that these artists worked through post modernism, holding on to their modernist ideals, by disconnecting from the art world.


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