Friday, November 28, 2014

the archetype of the cross

the cross is a universal symbol from the most remote times
the weaving on right is by Susan Johnson  Pot Calls Kettle Black
 it is a cosmic symbol, a point of communication between heaven and earth
a symbol of archetypal man/woman capable of infinite and harmonious expansion on both the horizontal and vertical planes
  the vertical line is celestial, spiritual, intellectual, positive, active, male
 the horizontal line is earthly, rational, intuitive, negative, passive, female
the combination of these two lines - androgyne

the cross represents dualism in nature
this cross - purchased through 10,000 villages,  - made in Africa
It is union of opposites      
the four elements of the world are united at the 5th point, the centre.

reference: J.C. Cooper


india flint said...

Lovely images here. For me the cross denotes the four winds, the crossroads and of course+ marks the spot. That notion of the four elements connected by the fifth is most satisfying

Judy Martin said...

Yes, of course.

the four directions

and also, the cross is often used as a protection sign.


mansuetude said...

Love the cross

My sense of female also lives on the vertical as well as horizontal. I flow in all directions in any aspect of being. Love inhabits male / female in each named thing.

Judy Martin said...

Yes, I understand.
I have a hard time saying that the horizontal line is female - and the vertical line is male. However, the more I've used the symbols as a language, the more sense they make for me.

The cross symbol is one of the most powerful - especially the greek cross when both horizontal and vertical are of equal length.

When Susan Johnson's weaving arrived in my house, I had to drop everything else and look at it. began seeing and making crosses everywhere.


Margaret said...

I will never look at a 9-patch quite the same way again. Ditto for C.R. Mackintosh's favourite grids...Hmmm...ideas stirring...

Caterina Giglio said...

I have always looked at the cross as a model of the energies of male and female... thinking of it as a crossroad... deciding which way to go... active or inactive..great post

Velma Bolyard said...

you all are re-meaning the cross for me. it's a symbol i thought too laden with only one tradition, i am, as usual, indebted to you judy.

jude said...

love this judy! for me the cross is rooted in weave. the thing that stands and that which travels across, and the center being the meeting place, the crossroads, where interaction holds it all together. all framed by nine which is really a weave draft to me.

i have one of susan's beautiful crosses....

Judy Martin said...

those words: the thing that stands and that which travels across and the center being the meeting place are perfect

thank you jude

and thank you to all who have added their interpretations of the powerful cross first shape


wholly jeanne said...

I live in the spot of earth called The Bible Belt, so I steer way clear of crosses. But like Velma writes, you and J. C. Cooper turn my head, my way of viewing and thinking about crosses. And you know what Cooper says of "abnormality"? Bringers of luck, positive possibilities, magic. Which is precisely how I see Nancy . . .