Sunday, November 02, 2014

World of Threads, The Red and The Black

detail of Rose Petal Shroud by Beverly Ayling Smith

It was fantastic to see Beverly Ayling Smith's Rose Petal Shroud at the World of Threads festival yesterday.  Beverly was one of my tutors for the degree I received in 2012 from Middlesex University in the UK.

Her use of the the minimalist dot grid called me from across the room, and although the graphic and simple minimalism of the design is what drew me closer, the reward of seeing real fragile rose petals secured with gestural hand stitch touched something un-nameable.
I think that it was interesting that Beverly Ayling-Smith's piece hung beside Christine Mauersberger's astounding red Timelines, (a piece that acted as the focal point of the gallery in my opinion) because Christine has also been using elements of nature in her work.  Click here to see her stitched leaves.
above, a taste of the Red and the Black exhibition.  In the background, Rose Petal Shroud and Timelines.  In the foreground, Emma Nishimura's sculpture Shifting Views,  made from gampi, steel and soil, and on the right, Emily Pvorin's Off the Back Burner, a coiled basket form made from a stove top burner grate, wire, and shoelaces.
Timelines, rubylith and tulle, 2014 by Christine Mauersberger  
A highlight of the opening day of World of Threads was meeting the other artists.  Christine and I have been blog friends for a while.  Congratulations Christine on your amazing work and to all the artists in the Red and the Black exhibition.  Click here to read Christine's interview with Dawne Rudman and Gareth Bate, curators of World of Threads.

In the same building as the Red and the Black exhibition are a zillion solo exhibitions and installations in the corridors.  (my work is there).  The whole festival takes place during the entire month of November in Oakville, Ontario.  Click on World of Threads.for more information.


Threadpainter said...

I love the picture of you standing with your installation at The World of Threads .... many congratulations, Judy !!!!!!!

Judy Martin said...

Thanks Sharon!

Frank Myers (an artist photographer that has been a friend for 40 years or so) took the photos of the install and he managed to make me look OK.

The exhibition as a whole is really great...I encourage you to go see.

Anonymous said...

You look great, the show amazing, hope to venture north from Erie to experience the wonderful work!

Martha said...

These are phenomenal pieces. Thanks.

Mo Crow said...

those stitched rose petals are so evocative

Caterina Giglio said...

the red and black is simply stunning, but the rose petals says so much.. such simplicity and fragility.. amazing..