Saturday, November 01, 2014

because there are flowers

quilt at Mary's cottage (with Jack)
another quilt aat Mary's cottage
 Go on
the tablecloth Grace gave me
 Move forward
an antique quilt in the Ferguson homestead, Centennial museum of Sheguiandah 
If something is to come our way
It is through risk
Leading no one knows where
the tree of life painting I never finished (acrylic on 14 pieces of gessoed paper)
Because there are still flowers

There is the rose
forever opening for the first and last time
the weight of the thread in this antique embroidery helped me sleep
The heart of a rose is invisible
While being so much more visible than anything.
The text in this post is inspired by Luce Irigaray 

The images are from last summer's card in my camera.
April made that indigo quilt behind them, hand quilted in a hoop while they drove across the USA
I'm emptying that camera.
It's hard to let the summer go.


  1. We are in Oakville, in a hotel room. Ned drove me through snow to get here.

    I keep forgetting how poorly either of us sleep the first night of a trip.

    We're here for the opening of World of Threads and I know I'll need room in my camera for the art I'll see today. And for the artists I'll meet.

    We're going on to Auburn New York the next day to attend quilts=art=quilts, and we're looking forward to seeing that part of the USA. Never been before.

    I have these photos in my hard drive at home - and the other 1000 plus on this card...

    While I couldn't sleep, I took some photos and put them into the laptop, and this post is just a few of those memories. It was a beautiful summer.

  2. The first of November - perfect for remembering - Hey! Here comes Winter stumbling...... :-)

  3. i so wish i could get over to see and visit. this is the school year from hell.

  4. Yes ... that skiff of snow on Hallowe'en night was an eye-opener ! Time to reflect on this past summer and gear up for the long road ahead as Winter 2015 approaches !
    Have a great sunny day in Oakville today !

  5. Such a rich full summer it was! Love that they stand in front of April's quilt and love the gift from Grace...that things travel in a circle around the center. Enjoy your travels :)

  6. ugh summer.....the childhood of our days.


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