Saturday, November 22, 2014

emily carr skies

 I couldn't tell which stars were which or how far away any one of them was,
 or which were still burning or not - their light moving through space like a long
 late train - and I've lived on this earth so long -
 and all this time stars in the sky - in the daylight
 when I couldn't see them,
 and at night when, most nights, I didn't look.

All text in this post is by Marie Howe
The images are by Emily Carr, found in Doris Shadbolt's book about the artist.


  1. Two of my favourites, posted by a third. :-)

  2. such a beautiful painter

  3. I look at these skies and am so calmed and energized.
    I look at these skies and think about stitching in these kinds of patterns over big areas.


    She painted these when she was in her 60's.

  4. Beautiful beautiful...she paints the alive of it with such freedom. Love this post Judy.

  5. Here is a link to an article in the New York Times magazine with portraits of older artists ...photographs by Erik Madigan Heck and essay by Lewis H Lapham, interviews and portraits of many we all admire. I found it on India Flint's blog, thanks India.

    so well done

  6. you had me at the title... and when I clicked on the side bar, I just fell in... wow

  7. Carr's skies remind me of Van Gogh.

  8. i remembering "discovering" her and the group of seven at the national gallery in ottawa over 30 years was hard to find out much about ms. carr.

  9. The words, the photos - once again you bring them together as though they were created purposefully side-by-side.


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