Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Dorothy Caldwell

Lake, stitching on cotton with earth ochre by Dorothy Caldwell, 2013
 I have been inspired by Dorothy Caldwell's work for decades.
Absorbing Place, stitching on cotton with earth ochre by Dorothy Caldwell 2013
Recently, Ned and I spent some time with her new solo exhibition, Silent Ice/Deep Patience now on at the art gallery of Peterborough.
Flying Over Salt Lakes, stitching on cotton with earth ochre by Dorothy Caldwell, 2013
The five small pieces in this post were lined up at eye level on the exhibition's title wall.  Each is the size of a large sketchbook page.  (about 13" x 16")
Human Trace, stitching on cotton with earth ochre by Dorothy Caldwell, 2013
I wrote about my personal experience of Dorothy Caldwell's exhibition on modernist aesthetic.  Click here to go directly to that post.
Pink Hill, stitching on cotton with earth ochre by Dorothy Caldwell, 2013
"My work is a map of land and memory"  Dorothy Caldwell

Photos in this post and the modernist aesthetic review are by Judy Martin, with permission from the artist.


  1. We never get to see works like this in Calgary, damn it. I envy those who have access to such wonderment. For such a city that prides itself on cultural appreciation, there is little for the fibre enthusiast!! SOMEday i hope to see her work....

  2. Dorothy continues to do amazing work. Thanks so much for sharing these images.

  3. these small pieces just blow my mind.

  4. i can't wait to see the work. really. want. to. see. it.

  5. I saw Dorothy on Saturday and now you've presented me with a reason to trek up to Ptbo and see the show. I heard about the room of treasures from another artist. Thank you!!

  6. This lady's work is amazing.. Thank you for introducing her to me.

  7. i too have admired Dorothy Caldwell's work for a long time. Lucky you for getting the chance to see her work. Are you familiar with Janet Bolton. She has been an inspiration as well.

  8. I am in awe of Dorothy Caldwell's work, also. Thank you so much for sharing these small-scale treasures.

  9. Beautifully meditative; like your work and Agnes Martin's, I am stilled while moving through.

    Thanks for these.

  10. This is the second reference I have seen to Dorothy Caldwell today and I'dnever heard of her before. Such beautiful meditative work

  11. I can see how your work has been inspired by hers- the stitching and what looks like dots. Very meditative pieces.

  12. This exhibit will travel thorough Canada later this year. I just saw it yesterday and it is just as Judy describes. Of course, seeing it in person is incredible.

    Well worth the drive, or the wait if it comes to a region near you.


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