Wednesday, May 21, 2014

blue and white

 the marks are evidence of my time
 they describe something recognizable
April's getting married in one month.   I am making blue and white cloths to celebrate.
The trees have flushed this week.  Time is moving so quickly.
"It's our movement that tells us we're alive."  David Hockney


  1. About movement, I sometimes forget about it...

  2. love the blue and white & that David Hockney quote is a beauty!

  3. The reverse applique on the damask is so lovely and unexpected. How many are you making?

  4. There is a border of these circular elements around all edges of this large table cloth. Ten elements down each side, five across top and bottom. April's decor inspiration is the blue willow china from the cottage that has been in use her whole life.

    When you look closely at the dishes, you see a lot of circles.

    I am making this large cloth - and I hope to make another one. Perhaps use them somehow for the outdoor ceremony at our cottage in June.

    I am really pleased at the contrast of the blue and white. It is a timeless combination.

    She also wants to use blue and white quilts as decor for the reception.

  5. Anonymous7:50 pm

    Blue & white- sea & waves, sky & clouds. Both sides are beautiful.

  6. Another wedding - how wonderful

  7. Amazing how fast the leaves come when they finally do!! Have a wonderful time celebrating love!!

  8. The leaves are so fast this year, I feel that they could be video-taped and we could see them actually growing.

  9. I continue to be amazed at your vision.


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