Sunday, January 12, 2014

Infinite relationships - Topkapi Palace

We were in Istanbul last September, and visited the Topkapi Palace.  I was not prepared for the immersion into pattern that we experienced in the harem. 
The twenty foot walls were covered with decorated tiles.  Although each tile is gorgeous by itself,  it is the larger pattern of the multitude that is memorable.
Our eldest, Oona (shown above), was with Ned and me in Istanbul.   The whole family was in Turkey to celebrate Grace and Asan's wedding.  His family lives in Turkey.  
Oh yes, the ceilings were decorated with tiles as well. Shown here are two of the many domes.
Time and labour of many skilled hands created this treasure. 
Think about the scaffolding that must have been necessary!
Hand made beauty.  Each tile created, and then placed, one by one by hand into this larger vision.
Being in this powerful place was calming.   Spiritual.


  1. Isn't this a beautiful place, we were overwhelmed by the amount and variety of pattern.

  2. It was a haze of pattern.
    All over - your eye could not stop darting.
    Looking up all the time.
    Even though the beautiful dotted pebble floors were artworks as well - another post.

  3. This is amazing to see. My ex was a ceramic tile setter, so I see this with eyes that experienced hundreds of his jobs (creations). Thank you for sharing.

  4. This is amazing and inspirational

  5. I think I would gladly be an odalisque in such a glorious space. Maybe I should add that to my resume- "will sacrifice oneself for pattern"!

  6. Thanks for the memories! My husband and I were there 22 years ago. It was our first holiday without children! It was in the days of printed photos and mine are lost in the black hole of the basement hence I never get to look at them. The Topkapi IS spectacular and thank you for reminding me.


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