Wednesday, January 08, 2014

cloud of time

We are delivering the work to the art gallery of Sudbury tomorrow and beginning the installation of the Mended World exhibition.  The sculpture I'm writing about in this post is the newest work in the show.  Don't tell anyone, but it's not quite finished.

I had the idea, after working on Not to Know But To Go On - the journal that documented three years day by day that it might be possible to make one year of time visible and tangible. This is not a journal.  When complete, it will mark 365 days as a new calender does.  It does not mark my daily life - it just marks a blank slate.  I've been stitching about six days each day since Christmas. 

It still takes me about 40 minutes to work through the complete skein of floss that marks each day.  That's three hundred and sixty five skeins of floss.....

When it showed in Thunder Bay it was 113 days, to which I added 62 more before the formal opening.
 This month I've stitched 103 more.  
That's still only 278.    


  1. kathy loomis9:48 am

    about how many inches for one skein/one day?

  2. one and three quarters of an inch = one day.

    These are measured on the back of the work by the change of colour of the floss. Sometimes, if I stitch large, one day is 2 inches.


  3. I am so awed by and in love with your journal of days. I know I keep saying it...but really and truly, they're exquisite.

  4. I too continue to marvel. I tried to purchase a catalogue when it was first available, but my e-mails to the gallery/museum fell on deaf ears (or were lost in cyberspace, perhaps). Is there another way to order one or should I try again? I live too far away to see the exhibit in person.

  5. Judy I too have watched you work on this, knowing that you used a skein a day....but somehow your saying 'that's 365 skeins' really hit me. That is a whole lot of embroidery thread! really blows my mind....

  6. "Astounding"
    In quotes because I say that all the time when I look in here. It is astounding. I love seeing your thumb in that top picture with needle and thread, it gives perspective to the reality that that hand did those stitches. Stitches I couldn't begin to count. This piece of time, the path of the's huge concept.

  7. Judy I just blogged about this, with links to you of course. I was trying to put into my perspective. STILL blows my mind!

  8. What an amazing project!

  9. I love your journal of days! You have inspired me to keep stitching. Goodluck with the exhibition - Hugs Nat

  10. love your positioning in between


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