Saturday, December 21, 2013

happy winter

We made a trip to the big smoke on Wednesday, came back north on Thursday the 19th.
We traveled in day-light both ways and I was able to stitch.  The roads were better on the way home.
 Why?  We picked up Everett (7) and Jack (4 ) and their stuffies.  (No parents until Sunday).
There's a lot to do this week getting READY and enjoying.
Happy Winter!


  1. how beautiful - and i am referring to the snow, the cherubs, and the cloth (in which i see influences of african cloth). happy, merry . . .

  2. p.s. and rouse yourself early for some quiet stitching time. it'll keep you sane. but you knew that.

  3. Anonymous11:33 pm

    you always make the most beautiful and inspired pieces....including contributing to those grand babies.

  4. Such a beautiful drive...especially so when accompanied by those smiles! Love this circle work. Happy Holidays to you and yours Judy.

  5. oh, cute boys. mine is coming next thursday. can't wait.
    i would love to see that country. one of these days.
    love your cloth.. as always.

  6. such smiles! happy holidays and may winter be friendly and beautiful. stitching beauty.

  7. beautiful cloth reflection Judy, have a wonderful Silly Season and all the best for the New Year!

  8. Happy Christmas, Judy! And happy stitching if you have time...


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