Saturday, December 28, 2013

photo essay

I'm collecting images from the four years of the manitoulin circle project.  The ones in this post are from a file in my computer entitled 2010 summer.  (above, sun symbol from  Cahokia Mounds visit)
I'm not sure how I will use them  exactly.  I'm thinking of making a book of large photos with blog text as a link.  (above - mended world panel in progress at the cottage)
It's important for me to give credit to the steady volunteers who came out every Thursday for four years. (above, Earth Ark in progress in the church hall)
I also want to show my own design inspiration and labour.
Whether to organize the photo books chronologically by year, or by panel - I'm still not sure.
(above, precious water in progress in my lap in the car).

The exhibition of the panels, Mended World, opens January 19 in the art gallery of Sudbury.  I have switched gears from our near perfect family Christmas back to my art.

Best wishes for 2014.


  1. yes, judy, this is a good idea, honoring all the hands and yours, of course.

  2. Excellent idea. Such immensity of labor and love ought to have some monument to the efforts. A book is perfect! What a great way to launch into the new year!

  3. All the best for a wonderful and creative new year, together with all the other helping hands, Judy !

  4. This is great! All of those hands... All of those stitches... All of the inspirations...
    happy New Year to you too.

  5. Good idea, such a wonderful project...

  6. Oh I look forward to this book!

  7. The process of all this work day after day, week after week, month after month really deserves to have a permanent representation.

  8. oh yes - definitely a book! what if you divided the book into sections, giving each panel a section, then organized each section/panel chronologically?


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