Friday, November 15, 2013

perfect days

perfect day December 30, 2000
At the turn of the millennium, I kept a daily journal of symbols and recorded my body moving through 1999, 2000 and 2001.
perfect day January 3, 2001
Images of millennium journal are here on my website ...thirteen years ago.  !!!     
perfect day January 11, 2001
During that period of my life, three things were necessary to be able to say I had a perfect day and mark it with a leaf shape. 
perfect day January 13, 2001.  Also creative day.
read my novel....have my my hand work.
extra perfect day, also creative January 14, 2001
Some things never change, do they?


  1. an understanding and tiny snort of approval/acknowledgement.

  2. Novel + walk + hand-work = a perfect day. The secret to a joy-filled life is to know what matters and what doesn't. Now I'm inspired to learn the key ingredients to my own perfect day. Thanks!!

  3. "Novel, hand-work, walk...and that's all I need", said as Steve Martin in The Jerk! I love the simplicity of this kind of perfection. I may have to adopt something similar! Mmmm...what would my perfect day look like?

  4. Your work has evolved a lot, hasn't it?

  5. Wind rippled sand at sunset
    Or water puckered with its chill
    Blossoms from a depth, your hand knows the roots through. Love
    Is as deep, tended


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