Monday, November 11, 2013

Go Slow. Be Alert.

 Agnes Martin acrylic and pencil paintings, 2012 installation at Dia: Beacon
"You have to go slow.
You have to not try hard.
Just be in the mood for the truth to come.
A small happy state of mind.
Be alert.
It will come into your mind, what to do."
Happiness, 1999  60 inches square, acrylic on canvas

"People who live by inspiration say "I have to sleep on it"

People call me a mystic but I'm not any different. 
You're not a mystic when you respond to beauty.

Trust - Absolute trust."

Agnes Martin

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  1. I've been re-reading her writings recently. Wonderful.

  2. All this white work makes me nervous [have been that way all my life with "white"] - I wonder what that says about me. But I always respond in an entirely different way to Agnes' words. I think I'd like to read some more ...

  3. I am preparing a 'go slow' project...inspired in part by your work. Space and points in it. Thank you for the continuing inspiration. :-)

  4. I'd agree about Agnes Martin's writings. I have owned the book about her writings for several years, and it is one that I would take with me if I had to go off to that desert island.

    I was very fortunate to be able to see two rooms of Agnes Martin's paintings in the Dia: Beacon gallery in May 2012. Being able to stand in front of the paintings is much different than seeing them in reproduction.

  5. I needed these words today, Judy. I am trying it too hard lately and feel like lost.

  6. I love
    this quiet trust
    thanks so
    for sharing
    your stitches also move me
    with such
    inspired quiet wisdom

  7. Good words.

    And now science is finding that the brain needs time to make good decisions. The unconscious brain is doing processing, even when the conscious brain is occupied with something else - in an experiment, people who had to do another task before making a choice made a "better" choice, due to the timelag. I heard this on the radio and didn't catch more details, but it seems to bear out the "Sleep on it" injunction!


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