Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Fall Home

 I am feeling blank, yet excited.  Everywhere I look I am thrilled with possibility.  Each book, each piece of cloth I come across - everything inspires me.   
 Earlier this year I threw away many mis-starts and told myself to just focus. (The idea that I only have twenty years left to create haunts).
Hand piecing 6" blocks, making sketch after sketch about how they may be used.  Soon, I'll know.

"Say to yourself:  'I am going to work in order to see myself and free myself.  When I see myself in the work I will know that this is the work I am supposed to do.  I will not have time for other people's problems.  I will have to be by myself almost all the time.  It will be a quiet life.' "  Agnes Martin 


  1. I do like the colours you are using.

  2. I love those blocks. And who's to say you only have 20 years of creativity left? You just don't know for sure...

  3. Oh, yes, that Agnes Martin... I have a book of her writings somewhere, I must go uncover it.

  4. Twenty years ????? A needle isn't thát heavy and they make good glasses nowadays ;-)

  5. well Judy, think of all the wonderful art that has fallen out of your hands in the last 20 years! and with that wealth of experience behind you the even more wondrousness that is coming through now! living with a musician has taught me that what we make in the moment is all we have...

  6. "I will have to be by myself almost all the time. It will be a quiet life."
    Having just come back from camping 3 weeks (2 wks by myself) this bit of Agnes Martin's quote resonates with me. Being by myself allowed my brain to clear and my focus more fine-tuned. But, it wasn't long enough and now I, too, am feeling a little blank ... just part of an artists life, right ?
    Hope everything suddenly comes together for you !

  7. Linda H.8:54 pm

    I think of Matisse...when he was physically unable to paint, he went on to "deisign with scissors" and cut wonderful shapes of colour. Creativity will always find a way, but maybe not the way we planned.

  8. The quote! But oh the melancholy of 'only twenty more years'...
    Yet I am feeling the pressure of time myself, too, and must remind myself to
    Rejoice in THIS day!

  9. and if it were instead one year left to create, what would be different ? would it be different ?

  10. love the colors and design of the blocks you're hand piecing. the notion that i have 20 more good years (it's a thought that floats through often) motivates me, helps me decide and prioritize. here's to a couple of decades (or more) that's filled to the brim with whatever we choose.

  11. Jeanne - I agree totally with you. Knowing that I have limits has inspired me, not made me sad.

    I am sorry if the tone of this post is getting people worried about me. Yes, I am 62, but as I said in the post. I am inspired to just go for it. Every book, every piece of cloth - I have to rein myself in. I just want to do everything - and I am allowing myself to do so.

    Had to laugh re: El's comment however. Needles are not heavy. And glasses take care of so many things.

    thanks for the concern and conversation. Be well - go forward.
    Go ON!!



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