Friday, April 26, 2013


I'm glad that I have my stitch journal with me.
I don't get much chance to work on it here with dad, but every now and then there are minutes.
TIME by Kosso Eloul
Dad was discharged from hospital on Monday.  He has been back to doctor twice since then for new prescriptions.

The sculpture in the photo above is along the waterfront in Kingston. (more info here)
Notice the triangle of infinite space.  (photographed during one of my hospital-condo walks)
Not to know, but to go on.
A journal of a lived time (autumn 2010) visible...and also the time that I am living through right now because of my touching touching touching.


Wholly Jeanne said...

Oh Judy, this is such a beautiful post. As I sit here listening to my mother babble on, repeating the same thing every 3-5 minutes, demanding my attention, priding herself on being independent (it gets harder and harder, requires more and more time and effort to stay ahead of her to keep her feeling quite the independent woman, you know); as I remember my daddy and the years I spent with him - so many days in what I call the medical pinball machine; as I imagine you there with your dad, stitching during naps and after bedtime when all is (mostly) quiet. This post coaxes so much to the forefront for me, especially the way you've positioned nature's infinity as a backdrop for a story about finite time . . .

Nancy said...

All of this speaks so well in the now. Jeanne said it so well and the cloth-cat-view speaks volumes about a moment of here and a moment of there...all strung together in the same place...when looking at a tiny view, seems to hold the expanse of forever in slow time. Thank you for sharing.

Nancy said...

PS my last robot word was "byingPa"...
Buying Time.
Thinking of you.

Bethany Garner said...

Judy you always continue to inspire and educate through your posts. I am here in Kingston always and was so moved by the Steam Museum Exhibition. Have to return, many times and I am so glad you found it. I thought of you as I walked the walls and of your journey with your children and the process of recording that journey in stitch. Thank you. I would love to see you while you are here.

Yvette said...

strange or not strange but lots of us webbies are with our parents
i adore your work Judy