Sunday, January 20, 2013

My work

 The Martyr Poets - did not tell
 But wrought their Pang in syllable -
 That when their mortal name be numb
 Their mortal fate
 encourage Some -
The Martyr Painters - never spoke -
 Bequeathing - rather - to their Work -
 That when their conscious fingers cease -
 Some seek in Art -
the Art of Peace -

Emily Dickinson


Diane Kelsey said...

Absolutely wonderful work. What fabric have you used?

Ms. said...

pluperfect pairing of word and image.

Monica B said...

the gorgeousness in the contemplative atmosphere of this piece is what moves me.

Judy Martin said...

The base fabric is old damask tablecloth.

The thread is tatting cotton, size 60 and size 80.

The natural light is through the windows at my father's place.

He has always loved Emily Dickinson, and I've been reading one or two poems a day out loud for us both to contemplate. This was yesterday's.


Valerianna said...

Such amazing stitching... reminds me of patterns on coral or sea urchins.

Gina said...

Absolutely beautiful Judy

Mo Crow said...

such a gentle beautiful poem sewn into your cloth

eb said...

so lovely and peaceful

henrietta (aka ani aka zani) said...

There's a certain Slant of light,
Winter Afternoons -
That oppresses, like the Heft
Of Cathedral Tunes -
When it comes, the Landscape listens-
Shadows-hold their breath-
you always brings us lights and shadow and how loving to share ED's words

Velma Bolyard said...

you have a gift for integrating good words, very good words, with your photographs. thank you.

Thread Born said...

Jane- Such a beautiful poem and beautiful work. Such an honor to your father as well. I am always mesmerized by how contemplative your work is...stitch by stitch..

I wanted to let you know that the posting of your father's image on Thursday put you in the drawing for the Roy G Biv Challenge fabric. This morning, my husband drew your name from the cap. Congrats! If you could contact me via email (see my post today), I will send the piece your way.--Julie

Nancy said...

The richness of the wood and golden color of cloth and sunlight dancing...while you stitch and read aloud to your father...priceless. Thank you for this sharing.

Margaret Cooter said...

How wonderfully well the words and pictures meld.

Lari Washburn said...

How beautiful. And the poetry is perfect. It reminds me of that lovely song The Gift To Be Simple. I remember it being sung at President Obama's first inaugural, and I thought it was so fitting. I do recommend the sketchbook discipline, and I will tell you the secret...just do a sketch a day even if you only have 3 minutes. Just anything on paper...or in stitching! Somehow it draws you in and it becomes engaging rather than a discipline. Best to you!

Jacky said...

I can only imagine the MANY hours stitching ....this work is beautiful and amazing. Such patience and discipline you must have.

Perfect words too from Emily Dickinson.

Jacky xox

mansuetude said...

again, wonderful wonderful pairing.

Your flowers, conveyors of peace, will not cease speaking.