Friday, November 30, 2012

Personal Success

Q:  How do you spend your days?
A:  I work like a bee and feel that I accomplish little.
Q:  How do you measure personal success in art?
A:  Personal success in art is measured by how nearly you have arrived at what you want to say in your work.
Q:  Do you feel you have as much recognition of your work as you would like?
 A:  No, but recognition will come in time, and this is enough for me.

Images:  Precious Water, third panel of the manitoulin circle project, coming off the frame November 22

Text:  Louise Bourgeois in 1971 when she was 60 years old, being interviewed by Alexis Krasilovsky, a student doing research for Dr. Lenore Weitzman's course, Sociology of the Woman Artist, at Yale Universitiy. 


  1. The quote was taken from the collected writings of Louise Bourgeois. The Destruction of the Father, the Re-conostruction of the Father.

    This book is fascinating, because it has many previously unpublished interviews, statements, letters, journal entries etc and shows how deeply Louise Bourgeois approached the making of her art as a way to access her own psyche and also that of all of us.

  2. Thanks so much for reminding me of her and her wonderful words and musings. I have a book of hers called Drawings and Observations which I love to read over and over.

  3. This is so beautiful it gave me a little shiver of delight, both the words and the pictures

  4. Oh you are wonderful - thank you for the post and the gorgeous images x

  5. Oh my, what a coincidence! I'm reading the Destruction of the Father Bourgeois book too. That I'm reading it at all is a happy accident-- I was looking for a book from our library that included an essay by Hans Ulrich Obrist, and this was the only one. I thought I'd read his essay and then return it, but I found myself drawn into her life and have been reading it very slowly since October. Thanks for sharing the quote– I'll look for it. I look forward to reading her textiles book very soon.

  6. I havent read any writings of Louise Bourgeois, but will see if I can get some at my local library.

    Wonderful post. I always love seeing the Mantoulin project.

    Jacky xox

  7. At first I thought that the answers came from you, Judy. They are so contemporary. In fact I could also answer the same for question one!

  8. I turned 60 in September. I have never analysed my work in this way, but yes, it's true. "However long it takes"...

    I must look up Bourgeois' book!

  9. ► 4:41

    Louise Bourgeois (Tate Modern) - You Tube -

    "Art is a guarantee of sanity. That is the most important thing I have said." (Louise Bourgeois)

  10. Thanks for that link to the tate modern video, Michelle.
    I enjoyed it.

  11. Pam Shantz9:44 pm

    thank you for mentioning the Josuah Creek Arts Centre's show of the Carrefore textile arts. I went today and loved the show. So much better to see the works 'in the flesh'. Sandra was there and did a great job of interpreting the show. enjoyed seeing your work and enjoy following your blog.

  12. Will need a bigger Christmas stocking, Judy. :)

  13. Thank you so much for the quotes from Bourgeois and for letting us know about the book, Destruction of the Father. I just ordered a copy!

    I still have the great portrait of her from the postage stamps in the 90's. "I'm not searching for identity. I have too much identity" was the quote that accompanied it.

  14. looking at your gorgeous Mantoulin project always calms me, quiets the cacophony. and this work and the words of louise bourgeois go together like a horse and carriage.


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