Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Carrefour exhibition in Oakville, Ontario

Rusty Gate, 2012 
by Penny Berens, Granville Ferry, Nova Scotia
Strong  and Beautiful, 2010
by Gordana Brelih, Toronto, Ontario
3,600 (beats), 2011
by Kate Busby, Toronto, Ontario
Accumulate, 2011
 by Amanda McCavour, Toronto, Ontario
Dawn, 2009
by Chung-im Kim, Cookstown, Ontario
Shield of Colour, 2011
by Gordanna Brelih, Toronto, Ontario
 Stars All Around, 2007
 by Martha Schellingerhoud, Aurora, Ontario
And So It Goes, 2008
by Meredith Annett, Halifax, Nova Scotia
 Night Drawing #3
by Jayne Willoughby Scott, Edmonton Alberta
That Time of Evening in Winter, 2008
by Barbara Wisnoski, Montreal, Quebec
 Oma, Opa, Obi, 2011 by Judith Tinkl, Sunderland, Ontario
Laurentian Hills, made by a collective of 20 artists from Ontario and Quebec
Twenty Four Hour Care, 2010
by moi, Judy Martin, Manitoulin Island, Ontario
Energy Cloth, 2011
by Judy Martin, Manitoulin Island, Ontario

I attended the opening of Tradition in Transition on Sunday and am very proud to be included in this prestigious exhibition. Curator Sandra Reford spoke briefly about how the work in the exhibition (that first showed in Alsace France at the 18th Carrefour last September) highlights the sheer expanse of the country that is Canada and the many different points of view that those of us who live here bring to our work, whether heritage, society, or place.  Pictured here are only half of what is on display at the Joshua Creek Heritage Centre until January 6, 2013.  Try to see it if you are in the Toronto or Oakville area during the next six weeks. 


  1. It looks like a very exciting show. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  2. Oh my goodness. Thank you for sharing these images. They made my heart sing on this dreary morning.

  3. these are stunning. thank you for putting them up on your blog. congratulations on being in the show.

  4. Anonymous3:49 pm

    Wish I could go back for this exhibit! Was just there for WOT. Thanks for the excellent photos.

  5. Such inspiring, captivating works of art - wish there were such exhibits around me, but since they're not (at least I haven't found any yet), thank you for taking me along. Feel like I ought to offer you gas money.

  6. I was there and it was stunning! Unfortunately, I thought the opening reception was on Saturday, so I was there, with a friend, one day early. The place was empty, so we had a good look.

  7. looks like it was a fine, strong show.

  8. I'm hoping to find the time to see the show. Thanks for the photos.

  9. What an exciting show! Thank you for sharing your images. You've got me trying to figure out how to swing a trip to see the exhibit before it ends. Well...dreaming really. Too close to Christmas and all that.

    Is this part of World of Threads? Just wondering...and planning...

  10. Thanks for posting these pictures Judy. It's a great show. Your blog will now provide an ongoing record of this wonderful work once the how comes down in Jan.


  11. Wonderful work! Thanks for posting these!

  12. Amazing selection of works! Thank you for sharing them with us.

  13. Quite a rich wealth of work in one group!

    Aren't you also somewhere in Virginia (your work) right now? Not sure... ?

  14. Other exhibits my work is in:
    Quilts=art=quilts at the
    Schweinfurth Art Center in Auburn New York until early January, 2013. The piece is entitled "Starry Night" and is plant dyed, hand stitched.

    Quilt National '11:
    is divided into three parts. My piece, Cross My Heart, is in collection A which just came down from a gallery show in Texas.

    Collection A shows for the final time March until June in Virginia. Here is a quote from Quilt National website.

    3/8/13 - 6/30/13: Abingdon, VA--[Collection A]
    William King Museum
    Abingdon, Virginia

    Thanks for inquiring, Mansuetude

  15. It looks wonderful and love your piece!

  16. I would like to list the twenty people who made Laurentian Hills.

    They are:
    top row. Margaret Morris, Mary Cope, Meredith Filshie, Jean Gerster, Cynthia McNair

    second row: Bethany Garner, Sandra Garner, Robin Field, Margaret Dunsmore, Elaine Quehl

    third row: Rebekah Crown, Judith Popiel, Cathy Breedyk-Law, Mary Pal, Shirley White

    fourth row: Lynne Morin, Carol Moore, Deborah Bates, Mitzi Zohar, Maggie Hannigan

    I should have listed their names before now, but better late than never.


  17. Amazing art, I love to look at what can be done with thread and needle. Such imagination, such passion.


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