Wednesday, August 01, 2012

the toucher

During the silent time that we who stitch repeatedly touch and re-touch the material, we have our own emotions.  Hope, desire, love, sadness, yearning, all these are somehow carried into that material.
Thus through touch, our inner self is transferred to the exterior world. 
All those feelings that we have when we are in the act of making remain.  They exist in the material object.
Hand made things are very powerful.  They carry something of the maker with them always.
   Inner stuff from me, the maker,  is felt by you, the viewer.  The toucher.

I keep coming back to this abstracted figure, this wounded white cloth.  I've just recently started to hem it with blue thread.  It's the small empty places of cut or torn away cloth that intrigue me and I love to watch them react to wind and sunlight.  They seem more like windows than holes.


  1. "the toucher" that is powerful.

  2. Yes! Lovely post, thank you.

  3. I'm going to the gallery tomorrow to put up the title tags and I'm very tempted to put up a sign that says "go on and touch it but be gentle"

  4. Windows, yes. Portals. Wounded. Cut. Torn. Those fit so nicely together, don't they? It seems to me that they're integral to and for each other. I feel a keen resonance with this post and the one preceding it. So often my response to cloth is beyond words. I must feel, touch, smell, hold, smell, see, swaddle, laugh, cry, just be with it and let it be with me.

  5. I feel the one draped across the walkway (path) as if pausing, breathing, sunning itself. Absorbing energy for new life.

    There is held in cloth, and objects such resonance of human emotion.

    The hand of a spiritual person is said to leave power to heal and purify, meditation is little understood, and there your hands are making "power-stitchings" of thought and love into the world. Such a giving, a knowing in you.

    thank you

  6. Oh, and just look at the holes in the shadows too!
    Touching always comes before talking, writing and rithmetic for me.


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