Saturday, June 02, 2012

Sandra and me

I hand delivered twenty four hour care to Sandra Reford yesterday. Sandra is a vivacious Toronto quilt artist who exhibits and teaches a fair amount in Europe.
She was asked by the organizers of Carrefour Europeen du Patchwork in Alsace, France to curate and deliver a show of Canadian quilts to the 18th annual festival this coming September.
Sandra has worked very hard to represent what is happening in Canadian quilting. Her exhibit covers nearly every province and territory of this huge country, and includes traditional, contemporary, and one or two textiles that merely hint of roots in the quilt.
She picked me up from the bus, took me to dinner in one of her favourite restaurants and entertained me with story after story of the adventures that led up to and continue to surround this project.
As we read the just published article together, I realized that this remarkable individual is a dedicated and fearless advocate for Canadian quilt art.


  1. Oh, Judy! you must be so proud of Sandra, yourself for being included in this exibition and your country. I lived in Toronto for 5 years from 2003 to 2008 and.....I miss it. Thank you for keeping us posted on what is 'up' !

  2. it's always comfortable, comforting, and a comfort to share things between souls that care and have similar interests. it must have really filled you with warmth.

  3. When I read, "I hand delivered twenty four hour care" I thought you were sitting by he bedside of a friend in need. That kind of care Is living inside the work, as well... a nice connection to make. Your way with words.

  4. Judy, your beautiful photos always make me want to TOUCH it ;-) time and again ....
    Love that spiral of buttons after folding !
    (Don't know if I can go to the Elsace this year, a lót of things going on here ....)

  5. Judy when are you going to be in the UK see if I cannot meet up with you .. hopefully we can work it out ... I usually go to the Alsace have been for about 5 years now ... have not made plans to do so but really must this year.
    Dangling by a thread

  6. You beat me to it! I was going to post about our meeting!LOL Thanks for the compliments and the support! For your readers, I must say that the actual work looks and feels way better in real life. The velvet boarder is scrumptious! and the back is so incredibly soft and 'loved'. The stitches are more than beautiful. Your work is 100 times more spectacular than in the pictures. You are a true artist! ( and dare I say a big name!) Love you.

  7. This is going fantastic show. Are you going?

  8. Sandra is indeed...just as you describe her.


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