Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Reparation cloth

My goal was to follow through on the thesis of my dissertation which was that a large cloth filled with small hand made marks would set the viewer off into their own inner immensity. See here. Although it seemed straightforward enough, I found it very difficult to focus on just that and kept finding ways to add a more figurative element which I would wreck and then repair.

Apparently, this creative process is quite normal and important from a psycho-analytic viewpoint. Hanna Segal believed that art is more about nourishment than self expression.
Although for the degree exhibition I am going to show just the one piece, Monumental Simplicity, I decided today to clean the white cloth that I struggled with over the winter in order to show the examiners my process.

Seeing it fill up with air did nourish me, actually.


  1. Beautifull. Unobvious mobile space who defines itself. I'm very happy I've found your blog. It is very interesting.
    I do some experiments with painted fabrics, I'm artist from Poland. :)

  2. Nourishment more than self-expression--now that helps me make sense of my own creative urge. I never thought of it that way. Your work is indeed nourishing and inspiring for this viewer, seeing it only on the small screen. It's moving and memorable.

  3. Nourishment indeed, creative expression is like fuel (for me at least), I am happier for it, live, breathe, eat, drink, create....

  4. Seeing it fill up with wind, air .... it comes alive.

    Creating certainly nourishes my soul, give me a real feeling of personal accomplishment too. The more I create, the more I grow creatively.

    I really enjoyed seeing this piece filling with wind.

    Jacky xox

  5. What a beautiful thesis, Judy.

    The air is so stilled here today, the water stilled, quiet; your mages seem to carry the wind to me. Its amazing.

  6. I continue to a) not understand; b) be nourished by the Mystery.

  7. I have decided I am going to have my notebook by when I read your blog and write your right thoughts and quotes. They will nourish my creativity.

  8. Gorgeous work Judy. Love the installation aspect of it. Enjoy the time in England and the chance to show off your work. Congrats!


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