Saturday, June 16, 2012

clouds over London

It was cloudy in London when we arrived yesterday.

The sun was just setting.

Life is represented by beauty and happiness.
If you are completely unaware of them you are not alive.
When we see life we call it beauty. It is magnificent. It is wonderful.

You must believe in life. Believe that you can know the truth about life. Agnes Martin

When I spread Monumental Simplicity out on the king sized bed in the hotel just to check it over, it looked just fine.


  1. I just saw more footage of the ongoing pageantry celebrating the Queen's jubilee. What an exciting time to visit London! I know you are there for a more serious purpose -hope you have the chance to soak up some fun too.

  2. Monumental Simplicity, besides looking 'fine'....looks comforting....what a big time you will have there!

  3. Simplicity grace!
    Take time to enjoy London when you can. I spent years there...

  4. Hope you have a lovely and fulfilling time over here in wet and windy England.

  5. Ah yes you were going to London! Have a super time and get inspired by what you see. Good luck with the Graduate Exhibit on the 20th.

  6. Monumental Simplicity is just "fine" in any setting, I'd bet. To be in London with such beauty.

    I'll be there myself in a few weeks. If you find a gem of a place that must be visited, please let me know. Have a wonderful time!

  7. Everything 'fine' and in its place. Looking grand! Have a wonderful time. Your cloud photos are awesome :)

  8. Heather Hutchinson5:16 pm

    Have fun at your two BD's! XX

  9. Welcome to London! If you find you might have some spare time, do get in touch. In any case I'm hoping to get to your show!

  10. I hope you're having a blast!

    Great images, I love it up in the sky looking down, esp at night on the jumper flights (when they aren't too rickety or turbulent).

  11. Ah sweet cloudy London... I am very excited that you are on british soil, hoping to catch your exhibition this weekend...

  12. Thank you to everyone for your good wishes. I am too distracted to write a blog post about the adventures I have been having here in London, but have some energy to put a comment here which I hope some of you may read.

    My oral exam - VIVA - is today.
    My piece looks very good hanging up - the whole show is excellent.

    The gallery is very hard to find - it is in the back of Middlesex University in the GROVE building - Two entrances , either an outdoor stair way, or underneath that outdoor stairway into the Grove Atrium gallery.

    NO signs yet outside about the exhibit, but it's not open until tomorrow, so maybe there will be then.

    Ned is sight seeing with our friends from the Netherlands who have come over to be with us and support me during this stressful time.

    I will get on the underground and go over to the university soon, and speak about how I want my work to connect with my viewers in such a way, that they have an inner communication with their own selves. It's very lofty and ambitious what I hope to achieve with my work - and speaking about it is nerve racking.

    I will only be present on the Wednesday, both afternoon 2-4 pm and at the evening reception. We have to fly home on Thursday to be back for Jay's wedding on Saturday. My tutor will ship the work home to me, as the show is up until Sunday at 4 pm.

    I hope those who live in London will be able to make the trek up to Hendon on the underground to see it.



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