Sunday, May 13, 2012

NYC Journal: Judith Scott and Tracey Emin

It was a treat to be able to view Judith Scott's bound sculptures at the Frieze Art Fair.
I have long been an admirer of her cocoon-like pieces which until now I have only seen in reproduction. Judith Scott (1943-2005) is considered an "outsider" in the art world because she was born deaf and with Down syndrome and was completely self directed. Her work is included in several public collections including that of the Museum of American Folk Art.
Seeing these bundles casually laid out on tables made them seem so vulnerable that I wanted to pick one up, hold it like a baby.
It was also great to see a textile piece by British artist Tracey Emin. Her work (in several media) was well represented at the Frieze and was very popular. I wasn't able to get a clear photo but perhaps you get a better idea of the scale of her work with this young woman (not my daughter) in front. (apologies)
Past Reflection, embroidered calico by Tracey Emin, 2012. She refers to her new self portraits in this 2011 video.
Even the dark line is embroidered - satin stitch.


  1. Again you introduced some artists I never heard of, thank you so much Judy for sharing them here. Happy Mother's Day!

  2. is it some maternal urge or gender specific gesture to want to "bundle" - a nurturing need. the repetitive action of a savant?

  3. Tracey Emin is one of my favourite artists, I was lucky enough to see a large exhibition of hers a couple of years ago in Amsterdam, there were huge quilts there and my favourite piece of hers: a tent, with names of everyone she had slept with (as in shared a bed, not per se sexual) sewn on the inside (I have lain in this tent!), that was sadly destroyed in a fire in the warehouse where it was stored! An inspiring, thought provoking artist; I have not heard of the other artist you mention here, but she sounds very interesting. Have a great stay in the big apple.

  4. i am so enjoying what you have been sharing with us as you enjoy nyc. sounds like you are covering lots of territory.

  5. putting these two artists together

    two powerful expressive talents

    from two such strikingly opposite poles of personality and will

    a brilliantly provoking pairing

    thank you

  6. L. Bourgeois and J. Scott are one of my favourites. I have not paid enough attention to Tracy Emin's work. Homework!

  7. Very interesting work...Judy, you always give me something to think about. And isn't the profile of the unknown young woman very like the profile in the piece? Uncanny!

  8. The dark satin stitch line in Tracey Emin's work is full of life in the way that only a stitched line can be - not only the width of the line varies, but also the direction of the threads, catching the light (or the darkness?) in different ways. She uses it in pieces like Twin Brain ( which are stitched onto blankets. I saw them up close in her show in London last year; quite a revelation....


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