Tuesday, May 15, 2012

new photo lights

The second meditation panel, Mended World, is a challenge to photograph. It's large. It's white. The textures are important but very subtle.
Last month, I was put into a scramble when Sarah Warburton told me that photographing 'art' was no longer something she could devote time to. Ned rose to the challenge, and we ordered photo lights online.
Even in these few photos, you can see how the colour balance of this piece gets thrown off. Even with using these lights.
I want the variety of damask and silk textures to be evident. The hand quilted texture to grab you.
If you look closely at this detail, you can see the knitting weight linen thread used in a big back stitch in the central circle.
We also took some photos of the Marimekko secret back.
The back of a back stitch is really beautiful to me.


  1. I took a class in photographing textiles. He said to have no ambient light - just the photography lights and don't use a flash. I don't know if this will be helpful to you, but thought I would throw it out there!!

  2. Thanks Gerrie.

    We were using natural light as well which may have had an affect-I will take your advice and try again.

    We didn't use any flash.


  3. such beautiful work brought to light!!

  4. I still get my best shots with natural light but it has to be overcast and between 10am & 2pm in our latitude. A lot of work to set up outside too. Can't imagine what you'd do for a background this large...barn wall?

  5. oh, and did I mention that it's spectacular?!

  6. It may not just be the lighting, it could be the camera settings. Different cameras have/use different kinds of metering for calculating light. (in Black and White photog. Spot metering lets you set a consistent white balance

    other modes of metering will calculate the light thrown at the object. Your camera manual might explain some of its possible settings/ways of calculating what's thrown into it as far as light and shadow. You might also try shooting each shot with a + 0r - (light) if that option is available (where the camera takes three examples of one shot by adding light and removing light by one F stop)

    (there is also a "snow" setting in most digital cameras because of the way certain metering throws off white balance around white colors... you could try that setting to see if it works?)

    (maybe also a tweek in photoshop? or does that make you cringe?)

    you, having the real thing in front of you and know what you're looking for, but your work still looks lovely.

    (you may not need any of this info)

  7. Thanks Judy these photos with lovely details are wonderful (almost as good as touching .... well ... not quite ;-) ...)

  8. In any case, it's stunningly beautiful!

  9. if you are using studio lighting, i have been told strobe lighting is the best. you can have a device attached to your camera to make sure the camera and the lighting are in perfect sync. then if you are using natural lighting, you need to make sure you have at least two sources of light and no artificial light at all. good luck!

  10. Jane Rylands3:21 am

    I like the back of backstitch too, and the back of stemstitch and quite often work them for the back to be the front.
    I love these circle project pieces - they are quite beautiful.

  11. Interesting advice coming in.
    Must say I was advised to use natural light on an overcast day.
    Judy, I love this piece....Mind you I love all your work!

  12. thank you for sharing this major work Judy, it has everything - form, presence, time and transcendence even in a digital photograph viewed on a small screen from the other side of the world!

  13. helen salo3:11 pm

    No matter how much time/effort/ etc. is put into a photo there is nothing like viewing a piece in real life. Don't be too hard on yourself you're seeing it in real life, and one just can't compare. I love all these pieces (as said numerous times, but I never get tired of viewing them)

  14. Anonymous4:16 pm

    Beautiful back of back stitch! I love the close ups - I find it easier to photograph close ups than whole work - good luck! Would it be ok with you for me to link your blog to mine - I follow your beautiful work and thinking always...

  15. Wow, it looks amazing.

  16. I like the posts with Dad helping :)

  17. Yes, I always wait until dark to shoot since I can't exclude light from windows. Be sure to turn off non-photo lights which can add warmth and throw your balance off. I use a grey card to help me set the balance but do check the white balance settings in your camera and set it to your lights' temperature. Finally, an ambient light meter is the single most important thing I use to make sure that the light is covering the whole thing evenly. Makes a huge difference and prevents dark corners. Shooting large flat things - not so easy...

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