Thursday, March 01, 2012

poetic image

In Gaston Bachelard's introduction to The Poetics of Space, he writes about the poetic image. "How can a singular short-lived event, the appearance of an unusual poetic image, react on other minds and in other hearts despite common sense?" "Exact because it is so simple." "We fill up"


  1. very romantic the silk and the breeze, the way it lifts.....I like it when it unfurls an the color against the blue sky and white sand.

  2. Simply wonderful! Love the big pieces you've been working on. Enjoy your vacation.

  3. ah, now i long to reread that book for yet a third time. nicely excerpted. nicely applied.

  4. i always start zen and end up baroque thanks for the lead on Bachelard.

  5. love this Judy
    poetic indeed
    Georgia Papageorge's
    Africa Rifting:Lines of Fire Namibia/ Brazil last Sunday
    here is a link about it that you might enjoy:

    thank you for your ongoing inspiration - enjoy the warm breezes...

    xox - eb.

  6. ah the poetry of silk in the wind... have you ever had the chance to see "Arte de las Playas" by Alejandro Propapto? his fabulous flying flags were here in Sydney in 2009 for Sculpture by the Sea-
    & I can truly relate to Neki Desu's wonderful comment about starting out Zen and ending up Baroque, that happens here too... a lot!


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