Tuesday, March 06, 2012

duality of temperature

Not to Know but To Go On, panels 47 and 48, found fabrics, embroidery floss, couching stitch Feb 10 - Feb 21, 2012 Stitched in Northern Ontario where it is cold. Feb 21 - Mar 4, 2012 Stitched in the Caribbean where it is hot.

I am home refreshed. Thank you for all your good wishes.


  1. indeed welcome back, love the textile journal and oh that life-embracing blue.

  2. These are beautiful, and I am wondering the technique, as they look woven, but I think you do needle work? Your work is wonderful.

  3. Anonymous8:02 pm

    happy you made it home safely.

  4. The technique is very simple.

    I use a piece of artist cotton canvas as a base.

    I tear strips of scrap and found fabrics - about one and a half inches across and as long as the fabric.

    I fold them so there are no raw edges and lay them on the canvas.

    I stitch them to the canvas with a wrapping stitch. Called a couching stitch in most books.

    I hide the knots under the fabric on the front of the work. There are no knots on the back of the work.

    I use one complete skein of cotton embroidery floss a day. All 6 strands at one time.

    I've been doing this since July 2010.

    Very very easy. No thought. Just do.


  5. love

    xox - eb.

  6. Judy,
    I so love this work of yours and think it very generous of you to explain your exact process. It is a pleasure to visit here. Thank you.

  7. seems like you choose colors compared to the weather?

  8. No thought? I don't think so! Such simple practice gives forth great and thought-provoking art. You and Jude have been reading from the same text I think.

  9. Our surroundings really influence our choices don't they.

  10. Your work IS wonderful. I can only repeat what has already been said.

  11. i agree with robyn a.
    you & jude---
    cut from the same --or similar --cloth--
    maybe ----
    altho --of course --totally YOU --
    jude totally HER---
    thank you for this depth of sharing --

  12. Thank you. Comparing me with Jude Hill is a beautiful compliment.

    Jude's blog has been very inspiring for so many of us. Her work always amazes me. I visit spirit cloth virtually every day.

  13. I love them so much. They look live weaving panels rather than couching - hugs Nat


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