Saturday, February 18, 2012

an absence of ego

the first thing we need to do is cut away our own traps open windows and do a re-think


  1. Judy, i sense a restless spirit here. a lot of exploration from you, past, present, future...what a journey to watch and share. the wraps have really gotten my attention.

  2. i hear inner echos of Irigaray in this post... breaking open the old house of language, finding one's own field of knowing to carry or not, into speech. life.

  3. I am talking to myself in the last few posts.

    It's true that I am anxious about the direction of my work now.

    I seem to have given up quilting, a tradition that has kept me happy for years. Has comforted me.

    In this white piece, I'm also giving up on my own technical skill. This is very difficult for me.

    I love much about the new white piece, but I am afraid. And it's showing in these blog posts.

    I'm OK. but I'm anxious.
    thanks for your concern.

  4. We do create many traps...trapping ourselves, our creative soul without even realising. I like your words and simple, repeat pattern ...very therapeutic ....
    Some gentle thinking material here.

    Jacky xox

  5. dear Judy,
    ....your words echo my thoughts, am experimenting, looking for new answers in my work...I have no idea where it will end...cutting up old pieces, letting go of what I know I can do, painting without my reading glasses, it is scary and at the same time liberating, exhilirating; I feel whatever the visible outcome I will have gained, less about me, more about the work.

    Does any of this make sense?

    Love what you are doing and sharing.....if it's any comfort, my 'best' work has been achieved by leaving my comfort zone and diving into the unknown. It doesn't get easier, but I now rely on this to keep me going with a kind of faith in the piece!!
    Keep the inner faith.


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