Monday, December 05, 2011

making time

These five panels span the period from October 2 - December 1, 2011.

One skein of embroidery floss marks one day. I am using up my stash of fabrics. Sometimes, the fabrics are related to my life, but just as often they are not. This piece is not about remembering each day in its's more about making time visible. I've been keeping this journal for a year and a half now.

We have our Alaskan grand kids with us until Christmas and are enjoying them very much.


  1. Really wonderful. The photos, of course, do not do them justice. It is a fascinating way of marking time.

  2. Something so comforting about the dailiness of these lovely cloth calendars--and also that they are just patterns, that the meanings or non meanings of each line are omitted from view, remain the artists knowing without words. Here art expresses the personal impersonally, almost anonymously, and the arifacts become mysterious markers.

  3. I cannot imagine marking time, so religiously, in this way. What is it that drives? I don't know this yet about myself...if it's there...and if it is, what is my language for "making time visible"? I always have good thoughts when I visit here.

    Much enjoyment to you & those little 'uns!

  4. Anonymous3:28 am

    making time visible - I like that. I so often find that at the same time as I am thinking about something and struggling to put it into words, you are writing about it very eloquently. I admire that, and I thank you for it. Often you help me to better understand something.

  5. nice way to mark time. with thread. once way back i remember posting about the quilt as a timeline. but that was a long time ago.

  6. Anonymous2:31 pm

    i always think of quilts as mile markers along the journey. very beautiful. enjoy those grandbabies!! that's very precious time.

  7. The little one looks at Santa like my daughter did. She never warmed up to anyone in a character suit.


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