Sunday, December 04, 2011

hard twist

Strip construction, woven silk with burning by John Paul Morabito.

When we were in Toronto last week, we were able to rush through the 'hard twist' exhibition at the Gladstone hotel. Exhibitors were asked to consider the idea of obsession and its connection with those who make textiles. 3600 (beats),variety of fabrics with stitch, Kate Busby Red Letter Cape, hand sewn text on linen by Shawn Munro It was interesting to me that many of the participants were men. Hive with its missing bees, embroidered cyanotpye on cotton muslin by Laura MaCaulay Food Chain, found highway tire steel belt fragments, silverware by Peter Hiers

The show is up until January 29.


  1. wish i could see all that in person. amazing pieces of work.

  2. The Hand Sewn Words one boggles my brain! Amazing, and so like a womans mind. As for all the men--most of those pieces shown seem to reflect fire and metal (that's interesting)..

  3. Judy, what a wonderful exhibit this must have been. I have download the catalog and would like to read through the individual "statements." Equally interesting that the jurors were all women. Obsession is something that takes hold of creative people...perhaps that is what drives them. I was drawn to the more organic, tactile piece. Probably Shawna Munro's piece drew most of my attention. Her construction of the garment -- which she takes to represent one thing but calls it apron like is fascinating too...her cut up reminded me also of William Burrough's cut-ups, his book titled Third Mind, I believe best describes the process he used. His contention was that you could cut up a text, re-arrange it and the same story could actually be discerned. In a similar manner Munro cuts out the "dirty" words and finds an equally compelling read. Stimulating post. Thank you.

  4. Gorgeous show. Thanks!

  5. All of them fabulous, but that red quilt, I can't stop looking at it... incredible.


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