Monday, October 03, 2011


Collected: wild rose hips Saved: wild rose leaves

"There are times, they occur with increasing frequency nowadays, when I seem to know nothing, when everything I did know seems to have fallen out of my mind like a shower of rain, and I am gripped for a moment in paralyzed dismay, waiting for it all to come back but with no certainty that it will."
"The autumn sun fell slantwise into the yard, making the cobbles bluely shine, and in the porch a pot of geraniums flourished aloft their last burning blossoms of the season. Honestly, this world."
"The past beats inside me like a second heart."

all these from John Banville's novel, The Sea


  1. love that quote...a feeling of hollowness.

  2. Anonymous12:10 pm

    excellent quotes.

  3. Fabulous rosehips and brilliant quotes. penny

  4. Great quotes! I am off to the library today, I shall look for this book!

  5. Luscious indeed--there is a littlw garden on the Lower East side here where I stop for the roses when I visit my doctor at the clinic--this is the season when ripe rose hips are falling off the rows of bushes that line the park. Some for the birds, and some for me. No one else seems to harvest them. They make wonderful jam, and are also fine dried, later pulverized and used for teas through Winter. i'm guessing they would make good dye too. And those quotes sent me over to Amazon to find a cheap good copy of "The Sea" to read and pass along. Thanks

  6. Funny, when I saw the first photo I thought "Artforum has rosehips on the cover? That looks really interesting! Who is making art with rosehips?"
    You, I guess!
    Wonderful quotes.

  7. Heather

    Finally, a good use for old ART FORUMs.


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