Friday, September 30, 2011

cloth sketch book

I've been into my studio almost every day this past week. I'm attempting to translate my ball point pen sketches into something more tangible. I'm using silk, poly sheer and indigo dyed fabrics that I have on hand. All 13 inches square, a few of them are touched with acrylic paint. Stitching is minimal right now. Only invisible thread attaches layers together, small bits of embroidery once in a while. I'm thinking about them as if they are a book. A sketch book. They are really helping me to find my palette, calm my imagery.

"I try to produce the work by pursuing the process of its making, the meaning and logic of the material."

Giuseppe Penome


  1. What a concise quote. You are such a crafty artist, methodical, precise. It's admirable.

  2. helen salo10:35 pm

    One of the many things I admire of you as an artist is your deep thought and purpose behind each and every piece you do.

  3. I think Michelle and Helen said it for me :)
    I really like these colors too.

  4. Thoughts coming to birth to concept...making them visible...process is the BEST...much better than product...more like the PLAY we engaged in as children...I am in love with the process.

  5. There is something very special going on here with the colors and the light and dark and the simple geometry. -Sue

  6. Anonymous7:08 pm

    i love process
    don't like displaying it always

    but somehow you manage

    it makes me happy.

    you have some form of artistic equilibrium that I so strongly admire.

    these are terrific.

  7. i am at a loss for words..i just keep coming back to view this because it just..makes me somehow.

  8. is lovely to see your projects evolving, to glimpse your process.
    13" squares. I like that size!
    There is a peaceful 'feel' to this new work.

    Jacky xox

  9. Dear Judy, I saw your Quilt National piece at the Foundry Art Centre in St. Charles, MO, near St. Louis, yesterday. I recognized your work, and found it a very satisfying piece that spoke quietly to me. Another artist came and stood by me as we looked at it, silently. She said, of all the work here, I'd like to take this one home with me. I would have like it, too. I notice it is sold. No surprise there. Congratulations on a piece with depth, meaning, and beauty.

  10. Anonymous7:21 pm

    once again, appreciating your process. i have been looking through Louise Bourgeois' The Fabric Works & thinking on cloth books. your work here stretches those thoughts.


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