Tuesday, July 12, 2011

a letter to my children

Jack. Twenty months.

Time goes by too fast. The seasons. Our lifetimes.
The best thing I've ever done in my life was to have children with Ned. We did our best with you and that's all anyone can do. Oona
The thing that is so wonderful is that people are different. I'm different from Ned. My background is different. But maybe it's our differences that are the most important thing.

And it all happens so fast. Too fast. Jay

Not to know but to go on.
When I'm with family, I downplay the importance of art in my life.

That I'm trying to understand my response to my immediate world and how to best express that response.

When I was a mom with babes, I spent so much time watching my children play. Then in the evenings I painted watercolours of those times. Grace and April

I made quilts from shapes stitched together into a female language. The quilts helped me to express my own unique feelings about things. What things? Those things that I spent my time with. For years, it was you children.

Now, being with all four of you is a rare event. What I notice about each of you, about all of you, is that you are each unique. You are different from us, from each other, and from your partners.

Everyone is unique. Eveyone is different.
All of us have something of our very own to do with our time here. Our life time. detail of portrait of moi by April

And our time goes so fast.
Too fast.


  1. I said almost the same things about time earlier today. Happy b-day - if indeed it is.

  2. beautiful...so well expressed. i hope they see this and save it for years to come.

  3. Happy Birthday! I recently discovered your blog and spent several days reading the entire thing. Like reading your autobiography! I was so inspired by you, thank you very much. I enjoyed looking at artists you recommended and spent a small fortune at amazon.I am a new fan...

  4. Beautiful! Happy Birthday!!

  5. What a beautiful post Judy. Looks as though you are having a very happy time with your family.

  6. Happy Birthday,have a wonderful time. You have a lovely family and a great talent you are truely blessed.

  7. It sounds like happyness: love, family, work, talent, time...

  8. Happy birthday....your children are gorgeous and you are correct ...time goes too fastxx

  9. Mom! Thank you. For this slice of wisdom, for the great time all together at the cottage, and for everything you have done for us. You are one truly amazing woman and we love you so much.

  10. Happy Birthday! Your letter to your children was such a beautiful, touching gift.

  11. Anonymous10:28 pm

    happy belated birthday!! you are one wise woman....


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