Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Are all five of the design elements included in mended world?

line ? maybe
shape ? yes
pattern ? maybe
texture ? YES
colour? nope
What about the design principles?

focal point ? yes
contrast? not really
rhythm and repetition? YES!
movement? no
balance ? what does that mean?
symmetry ? yes
unity? yes I hope that we can roll this sweetheart on Thursday. It's been in the frame for over two months and is still stretched out to the full 100 inches.

The Manitoulin Circle Project meets every Thursday in Little Current United Church hall. We've been doing this since October 2009. Please feel welcome to drop in and stitch a while.

Blog hopping? See wearable stitching at ateliercolore.


  1. thank goodness rules are meant o be broken, bent and ignored :)i can't imagine this one with the things you "missed"!

  2. Judy, take a look at your images again. Yes, there is line (the stitched line). Yes, there is colour (very subtle, but I see it). So there! =)

  3. Of COURSE there is color! It's just a subtle palette but it is FAR from monotone.

    And of course there is contrast--it's just a narrow range, and much of the contrast comes from texture.

  4. Anonymous3:17 am

    I thought yes to all the principles too. It's just beautiful.

  5. Wow, how time flies! It has been such a pleasure watching from would have been even better to be able to drop in and stitch on these beautiful pieces of art.

  6. i see lots of color, seams are lines,
    and movement is really brought into the imagination by rhythm and repetition. no?


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