Saturday, May 14, 2011


Counting My Blessings, Cotton and cotton velveteen, piecework, applique, embroidery, 78" x 82", 2000

My father turns 88 today. Have a great day, Dad. You are another of my blessings.


Sujata said...


You are blessed.. Happy Birthday to your father!
I love this quilt. Did you make that yourself? I have loved this scrappy look for so long and yet have to make one of these! You have inspired me today!

Judy Martin said...

Yes, I made the quilt.

It is designed to be like a children's counting book. one hand. two birds. etc up to four hearts - representing my four children.

My children are my blessings.

lynda Howells said...

The quilt is beautifulx Happy birthday to Judy's dad and l hope you had a great day. lynda

Serena said...

this reminds me a little of the painting by angelica kauffmann of's always been one of my favorites and one of my most favorite notions....children as blessings.

happy birthday to your father.
he's a remarkable living legacy around him of superbly talented women. jewels of his very own.

Velma said...

i feel exactly the same about my children. blessings. amazings. incredibles. that's what my children are.

Jane said...

This has always been one of my favourites, though I have many. I think beside the colours, it is that I like the feel of it